L’il Inquisitors

Many people have pictures of their children they are proud to display. Well, the Inquisitor is no different. The little rug rats got together to celebrate the 50,000th viewing of this blog (as certified by no less an authority than WordPress), and wore their little Inquisitor costumes for the photoshop shoot. Aren’t they adorable? I know in no time at all they’ll be all grown up, flogging and dismembering and giving their own little Sears Craftsman rack a good workout.

I’m so proud. (sniff)

[With Thanks to PhillyChief]

3 thoughts on “L’il Inquisitors

  1. Oh. But the lisp makes them so much more menacing in a cinematic format! “Your thoul ith dethtined for Hadeth, mithcreant!” and other such.

    Great site. Left this comment as much for a marker to find you again as anything.

  2. I’m curious about your thoughts on nuclear weapons? You know, those Spanish Inquistions in a sleek metal container!

    Flaying alive a whole city with a boiling wind is modern invention; just designing a machine to incinerate 100,000 ordinary people, while remaining anonymous and at a comfortable distance seems a crime to put all the abuses of history in the shade..

    I wonder if in our smug look-down on the religious we aren’t nimbly trotting to the slaughterhouse like tame sheep.


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