Dick Cheney In Hell

Yes. While that may be a delicious thought to many, it’s pointless.

We all know now that Cheney was the puppet master running the government behind the mask of President-in-name-only, George W. Bush, and was primarily responsible for the Iraq War, that boondoggle of military aggression that is the partial reason why the economy is in such a funk these last few years.  He was the lead salesman for the idea that we should attack Iraq preemptively because he clearly had Weapons of Mass Destruction.  If you haven’t seen Rachel Maddow’s documentary, Hubris, you owe it to yourself to watch it. It’s only an hour of your time.  Over 4000 American soldiers (not to mention those from other countries) died as a result. Over 30,000 wounded, many of them with life altering injuries.  Probably over 100,000 Iraqis killed, with millions wounded or displaced from their homes. All because of Cheney’s lie.

What do you do with a man like that? Charge him with murder? Arrest him? Try him? Put him in prison? Force him to make restitution to the victims and their families? He certainly has made enough money on war that he should be forced to disgorge some of his profits. His ties to Halliburton are well known, and his economic interests were put in a blind trust while he was in office, but he’s not in office any more.  But it doesn’t look like he’ll be personally helping out any of the victims of his lies. (For a small donation of $19.00/month, he could help out some of those seriously wounded veterans who are going to have to live with the ramifications of his lies for the rest of their lives. But I digress.)

A Republican Congressman who voted for the war (but now regrets it) feels that Cheney will get his just desserts in hell. Now isn’t that precious! No restitution, no punishment, just the satisfaction of knowing the bastard is burning in the Lake of Fire. I’ll bet Ol’ Dick is trembling with fear.

Except for one little fact – Hell doesn’t exist.

There was a time when I found the sentiment, that an evil person was in hell, reassuring. But I don’t now, and neither should Republicans. It’s a black mark on American history that this man was allowed to get away with what he did, ostensibly for personal aggrandizement. He certainly profited handsomely from his lies, even if he convinced himself that they were true. (And I’m not letting Bush off the hook. He’s just as responsible, although he seems to be so dimwitted, that I could see him honestly believing the folderol that Cheney fed him. But there are a lot of dimwits in jail.) But Cheney deserves far more than a place in some theological delusion. He should lose all of his ill gotten gains, and spend a little LOT of time  in prison. Hopefully die there. Share a cell with Bush. I really can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be too good for him.

Except, Hell.

6 thoughts on “Dick Cheney In Hell

  1. I’d be quite happy to provide Mr. Cheney some room in my basement, perhaps a few square feet in the corner, with not quite enough chain to reach the food and water nearby.

  2. “Hubris” was excellent. Nothing new in it that we didn’t already know – just extremely well-documented and concise. I consider it an important historical document.

    • That’s exactly what my response was. Having already read the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, I knew all the basics, but it was good of her to give a prime time airing of it. One of the major disappointments I have of Obama is his spinelessness at not pursing those criminals.

  3. Everyone is supposed to be instantly forgiven, no matter what, if they submit to the Jesus character so what then? And what kind of heaven would it be if you saw his snarling mug waltzing about? That would suck.

    Pretend can get complicated real quick.

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