Split Personality

As you would expect, Herman Cain’s wife stands by her man. Hey! It’s a marriage. Why wouldn’t she? That’s what married couples do. They try to overlook the failings of their spouses and sometimes go public with nonsensical rationalizations.

Herman Cain’s wife says the claims of sex harassment against the GOP presidential candidate don’t ring true because he “totally respects women.”

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This Is The Guy I Voted For

Barack Obama.

That other guy that’s been prowling the Oval Office, I didn’t vote for him. Must be his evil twin, Skippy.

Why doesn’t the real Barack show up once in awhile? We saw a little bit of him, a sneak peek, during his speech the other night. But he needs to come to work every day.

I hope this is the same guy that announced that he was running for re-election is 2012