Lotsa Lists

I’m into numbers today. Numbers, as in lists.

First up, the Top Ten anti-gay, rabid homophobic men in public life who happened to be caught, hypocritically, being gay themselves. It’s a telling list when Ted Haggard doesn’t even make the top four, though I don’t think the list is weighted in any particular order. It runs the gamut from Mark Foley through Haggard to George Rekers to the notable Pastor Eddie Long (and I wonder how many permutations of his last name he has used to attract the boys?). Then, to add to your numbers fixation, there is the bonus that the top 10 actually includes 14 names! How good can it get?

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“We All Pray To The Same God”

A little piece in the “Faith and Reason” section of USA Today tries to report on attempts to reconcile various religions from a political perspective. One report indicates that of the 4 major Christian groups (comprising 75% of the country) – White Evangelicals, African-American Protestants, Mainline and Catholics – the majority in each group have a conciliatory approach to gay and lesbian issues.

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