The End of A Troll

I hate to do this. I really do. I’m a firm believer in free speech. The 1st Amendment is like my Bible. I really believe, that as bad as some speech is, to ban it is even worse. When we start banning speech because of its content, we’ve lost our way in what I feel is the inexorable progress of human civilization. Speech leads the way, so banning someone from my blog is banning their speech, and I really hate to do that…and…

…Oh, who am I kidding. No I don’t. At least not in this case.

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Free Speech – Or Just Odd?

A local district justice was charged with … what was it?… oh, yea, disorderly conduct, for passing out nuts in public. Nuts, you say? Well, yes, nuts. Acorns to be exact. The seed of the mighty oak. So what’s wrong with passing out nuts? Well, as it turns out, these particular oak seeds had been hollowed out, and the contents replaced with condoms.  How that was accomplished isn’t clear, but the good Judge provoked the ire of some typical Central Pennsylvania blue hair who complained, and he was promptly cited for disorderly conduct.

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Aggregator Post

Rather than post one of my rather long winded diatribes on a specific topic, I thought I’d mention a few things I’ve seen and found interesting on other blogs, in the news or elsewhere. So, without further adieu…

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