The Statue Of Liberty Play

There’s an old trick football play that, according to football lore, was used to win the game at the last minute. It involved the quarterback taking the snap from the center, falling back and pulling his throwing arm back as if to throw the ball way down field. Instead of releasing the ball, however, he holds it in his other hand, pumping the throwing arm as if it still holds the ball. He them hands off to a back, and is left there standing like the Statue if Liberty * with her torch, while the running back runs around behind him and takes the ball down the field for the touchdown and the game winning points. (He then does a little dance in the end zone, spikes the ball and points to the sky with his finger, thanking the Man who made it all happen). The play works because the defense sees a pass play forming and adjusts to guard the receivers, when in fact the running back is doing a fast sprint along the sideline to the goal before they realize they’ve been duped.

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