Apparently, maybe not always, but sometimes, when there is smoke there is a significant probability that there is fire also.

This seems to be the case in Arizona where the well known but smokey Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, seems to have run a department in an area of the country known for its significant Hispanic population, not to mention close to the border of Mexico, that

unfairly [targeted] Latinos for detentions and arrests and [retaliated] against those who complain.

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Can someone point me to a piece of substantial legislation, something that will provide a significant benefit to America, or that will correct a serious deficiency, that has been passed by Congress since January of 2011, when the crop of 2010 elected Congress critters took their seats?

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I Get Email Too

Not very often, and most of it is spam, but occasionally I get email that requires some response. Here is one I felt compelled to respond to.


Time to crack down, folks. Be sure to vote ….. all you Democrats can ignore this as I’m sure you will. 


RE: 3 American Hikers Now In The NEWS

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Heck of a Job, Craig.

Sound familiar? After the debacle we remember as Katrina, Bush 2 complimented his buddy, Michael Brown, who he gave what he thought was a plum job as head of FEMA . He said, as people were dying in the flooded waters of New Orleans, or suffering through their hellish stay at the Super Dome, “Heck of a job, Brownie!”.

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What A Great Idea!

The Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, has written a letter to the heads of major corporations on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ asking them to join him in boycotting all political donations to all politicians in Washington, until they “get the country’s economic circulatory system flowing again.” Spend political money creating jobs, not buying politicians, he says.

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If You Believe These Things…

… You May Be Considered Far Right.

Not to mention a hypocrite.

‎1. Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Barack Obama

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Yes. Yuck It Up!

Funny historical perspective of the day.

(Is that Walter Cronkite in there?)

The Statue Of Liberty Play

There’s an old trick football play that, according to football lore, was used to win the game at the last minute. It involved the quarterback taking the snap from the center, falling back and pulling his throwing arm back as if to throw the ball way down field. Instead of releasing the ball, however, he holds it in his other hand, pumping the throwing arm as if it still holds the ball. He them hands off to a back, and is left there standing like the Statue if Liberty * with her torch, while the running back runs around behind him and takes the ball down the field for the touchdown and the game winning points. (He then does a little dance in the end zone, spikes the ball and points to the sky with his finger, thanking the Man who made it all happen). The play works because the defense sees a pass play forming and adjusts to guard the receivers, when in fact the running back is doing a fast sprint along the sideline to the goal before they realize they’ve been duped.

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The scary thing is that this is not fiction. It’s actual people who are allowed to vote and procreate.

Although, from the looks of most of them, their procreation days are way behind them.

Check out the flag falling down behind Michelle Bachmann, and how she rushes to pick it up, in order to save it from desecration.

Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Nuttin.

They just wanna be elected.