Top Ten Creationist Arguments

Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing, especially when I see that someone else has done a much better job at it, in a more succinct way, with fun graphics and sound.

Light Bulb Time

Much of the discussion I see in the Atheosphere revolves around the conflict between science and religion. IS there a conflict? IS there a way to reconcile the two? Do science and religion attempt to describe the same things, or are they part of two nonoverlapping magesteria (NOMA) as Stephen Jay Gould postulated in his book, Rocks of Ages? Does science deal with the natural world, and religion the supernatural, and never the twain shall meet?

When I first read the Gould book years ago, I didn’t think I was an atheist, and I was open to the possibilities that he was right. There was a place for religion, and there certainly was a place for science, and they really didn’t conflict with each other, unless one went out of one’s way to create a conflict. They could exist peacefully, side by side, I thought, as long as everybody stopped getting their dander up, looking for a fight. If religion could just stick to the supernatural plane, and science to the natural, why should anyone care? Continue reading