Why I’m Voting Republican

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And They PAY Him For This?

Glenn Beck is losing it. I know, he probably lost it long ago, but his TV persona and public relations machine has a lot of people convinced that he makes sense, when he’s clearly a fruitcake riding the money coaster.

The latest nonsense out of his mouth is a great example of biting the hand that feeds you. He claims that religion, institutional religion, is really a front for Communism and Nazism.

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Whoa, Baby!

I hit a new high today (or, perhaps with the graphics, a new low). No, I haven’t discovered a better personal pharmaceutical, at least not the artificial kind. This one is natural. Today, this blog received over 1000 views. One thousand nine to be exact. That beat my old record from last spring of 822 in one 24 hour period. So I’m on a real high today. To think, over 1000 people like me, they really like me!

At least for today.

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Hitler And Stalin Again

I’ve written before about how ludicrous the argument is that Hitler and Stalin (among others) were atheists, and that as a result of being atheists, they are front and center examples of the worst of atheism. As the argument is usually thrown in our faces, Stalin killed millions of people in the name of atheism, while somehow Hitler, who professed to be a Christian, was also a good (or bad) example of atheism run amok.

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