Romney Strikes Out

I won’t vote for Mitt Romney. Of course, I really can’t think of a Republican I could vote for, but this clinches it.

More prayer in schools?

“I know there are some people who would like to make this nation a secular nation, who want to take God out of everything that exists in this country,” Romney said. “They try to say it’s unconstitutional.”

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Why Only TEN Commandments?

Another 10C controversy has come down the pike. This time it’s in Giles County, Virginia. Apparently, the School District was asked to remove prints of the 10 commandments from schools, and at first agreed on the advice of their attorney; but then after another School Board meeting at which a large throng of Christians asked that the decision be reversed, it was. So now a law suit will be filed, and the School Board will lose, and attorneys will make a lot of money (not a bad thing by itself 😉 ), and taxpayers will pay that money to them. They never learn.

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More Ineffective Prayer

I trust everyone had a wonderful, family-filled Christmas holiday, and that Santa was good to you. I was preoccupied with my family, so I didn’t post much, just an occasional comment here and there.

But I did hear the news over the weekend that the Pope, in his Christmas address, prayed for peace.  It’s getting to be a cliché that the Pope prays for peace on the most solemn occasion of the Church’s most solemn ritual – Christmas Mass  at St. Peter’s Basilica. As far back as I can remember, whoever the Pope happened to be at the moment seemed to always pray for world peace. It’s actually gotten to be a joke, because he prays ad infinitum, ad nausem for world peace, and yet it never happens.

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I Get Email

PZ regularly posts some of the crazy email he gets to his blog. I’d love to be able to say I get the same shit, but I don’t. Oh, occasionally some whack job Christian shows up here, and leaves really odd comments (I’m looking at you, Gideon), but they usually do it right on the blog, rarely by email. I’ve gotten a few over the years, but never anything to get worked up about.

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Things I’m Getting Tired Of Hearing

Atheism Is A Religion.

No it’s not. Catholicism is a religion. Hinduism is a religion. Islam is a religion. They have churches, temples, and mosques to practice their religion in. They have dogma, holy books, beliefs that they commit their entire lives too, along with their children’s. Atheism is the opposite of a religion. 180 degrees opposite. Diametrically-opposed-to-the-entire-concept opposite. At least not as it’s defined in the first three of these four definitions:

re·li·gion (rĭ-lĭjən)
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