God and Government

This’ll be short (I think).

Paul Ryan has a complaint.

Paul Ryan wants the Obama administration to explain why the Democratic platform doesn’t include the word “God” in it.

Is he fucking serious?

“It’s not in keeping with our founding documents, our founding vision. I’d guess you’d have to ask the Obama administration why they purged all this language from their platform.”

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Poll On Blasphemy Argument

I just remembered that I have the ability to present polls. These are relatively meaningless, and can sometimes be silly, but I thought I’d try one here, as a test, to see what happens. I’m curious.

If you think my argument in the post below wasn’t cogent (and look up the word cogent first. It doesn’t mean “do you agree with the argument”.) please vote no. Otherwise, yes. There’s no middle ground. If you think there is, vote no, and leave a comment for your reasons.

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Two Overused Words

The plane accident the other day in New York where an obviously skilled pilot averted a major catastrophe, not only to the  passengers in his charge, but to people on the ground in one of the most densely populated areas on the Earth, gave the media the opportunity to trot out two words that they love to pontificate with.  Hero and Miracle. You hear them used quite often, with impunity and apparently without any thought to whether they are being used correctly (though the Christian Science Monitor, ironically, seems to have taken a sober approach to the subject). They reinforce in the listeners minds concepts that should be limited to extraordinary circumstances, but instead are blithely applied to some of the most mundane, commonplace  experiences of human existence, in the process relegating the terms to the dustbin of nonsense. Let look at both words.

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