A Religion Double Hit

Not one, but two, front page articles from today’s local paper highlight the personal failings of those ruled by their religion. And those two stories seem to predominate the online discussion on the paper’s website.

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Thoughts On The Demise Of Bin Laden

One part of me says, “it’s about time”. The other part is somewhat sad. I guess you could describe it as mixed emotions.

Mark Twain once said

I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.

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God’s Warriors on CNN

I’m watching this on CNN as I type this post. It’s a three day, two hour a day, program, broken into three parts:

  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Christianity

I’d like to know what you, who are watching this, think. Personally, as I watch these nutcases, all I can keep saying to myself, is “insanity”. These people are insane.

The first episode is primarily about the Jews, and their often antagonistic, violent relationship with their immediate neighbors. Actually,  neighbors is too soft a term to describe the Palestinians. Mutual residents might be a better description, in the same sense that a mongoose and a snake would share the same hole.

I watch these people describe their relationships with their mutual residents, and can only shake my head. They are spouting nonsense, and they don’t see it! They have no objectivity about what they are fighting over – a piece of land no bigger than, what? Rhode Island? They keep saying things like “God took me by the ears and told me to blow up those children.” WTF? Do they actually listen to themselves? I am simply amazed at what normally rational people can talk themselves into in the name of a non-existent entity. There is one thing they all have in common, though – their belief that god is on their side.

Anyone else watch this?