FOX In A Box

When I was a child I used to have one of those little Jack-in-the-Box toys. Remember them? It was a little square box with a trap door on the top and a grinder on the side I would turn, causing it to play the song “Pop! Goes the Weasel”. When it got to the end of the song, the trap door would pop open on a spring mechanism and a clown would pop out.

I was reminded of my childhood toy when I read this article in Media Matters about FOX News (also known as Fake News, Faux News, Fixed News, Fictional News, False News, Bovine Feces News and numerous other more accurate descriptions.) A former employee of FOX has stated that FOX news is nothing but a propaganda machine.

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In The News

Fuckin’ A!

The US Second Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the FCC’s indecency policy that proscribes, and fines offenders for, fleeting expletives, like the one Bono lit slip during the Golden Globes in 2003. In a unanimous decision the court ruled that the indecency policy was unconstitutionally vague.

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