One of the major lines of demarcation and a constant source of disagreement between theists and atheists is that of Life. Primarily human life, but in general, all life. How did living things get their beginnings, how did we come about as a result of creation? It’s one of the great mysteries of…ummm…life. How life began.

And of course, most theists believe that life began when their particular god created them. Christians believe the story in the Bible about Adam and Eve, either literally or figuratively. In either case, it’s a supernatural being that consciously and affirmatively decided to create that which we call life. Other religions have their own creation myths, but they all share a beginning story that attempts to explain how we got here.

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This Is Encouraging

The first Offshore Wind Farm has received the green light from the Department of Interior. Cape Wind, a 24 square mile project to be built off the coast of Cape Cod, somewhere between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, will be the first of its kind in the US,  apparently paving the way for more around the country.

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