Why Do We Care?

That’s a question we atheists get from theists. Often. Almost constantly, when we point out a fallacy in their religious thinking, or try to substantiate why we support the 1st Amendment’s proscription against governmental religious displays, or when we simply say we don’t believe in gods. They want to know why we care that they believe in supernatural spirits, or miracles, or Biblical authority, or other unsubstantiated beliefs. What harm do their beliefs cause, and why are we so damn strident about our opposition to them?

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Another Goddamned Meme

Actually, two of them. I think this meme thing is getting a little out of hand. They’re starting to reproduce like bunnies (not that I mind a little freewheeling copulation once in awhile). I was tagged by two of them recently, and I will fulfill my memetic responsibilities like a good blogger, but in keeping with prior Inquisitorial policies, I won’t tag anyone else.

Lifeguard tagged me with the history meme, and Sacred Slut tagged me with “Six things” meme. I’ll deal with them in order, after I correct an oversight. I could have sworn I had Slut in my blogroll, but when I went to check on the post she tagged me from, I find I didn’t. So, with that corrected, on to the memes.

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