Was He Dropped On His Head At Birth?

God has sent Christopher Hitchens to hell because he loves him.

This is clearly what happens when a perfectly viable human being is dropped on his head at birth, either by the doctor as he’s pulled out of his womb, or by his mother when she got a good look at him. His brains get scrambled, the synapses in his skull don’t fire as they are supposed to, information doesn’t get sorted properly, and stupidity, sheer idiotic lunacy, comes out of his mouth.

It’s either that, or he’s a Christian.

You decide.

Christopher Hitchens ∞ 1949-2011

What do you most value in your friends? Their continued existence.”  ~  Hitch-22

This is, according to WordPress, my 450th post. I was going to save it for an auspicious topic, but Christopher Hitchens seems to have pre-empted that, or should I say,  he made it superfluous and irrelevant. Of course this post will be about him.

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Hitchens – National Book Award Finalist

Christopher Hitchens has been nominated as one of five books for the National Book Award in the non-fiction category, for his latest, god is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

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Christopher Hitchens and Astrology with Comments

For some reason I missed, last week, Christopher Hitchens guesting a column on the combined WaPo/Newsweek On Faith site. His topic? Astrology. He compares it to religion, as you might have guessed.

The column was fairly predictable. In fact, he’s said much of it before. But I read this site not so much for the opinions of the guests, but for the comments of the readers. They are usually all over the map, unlike the one sided comments on most other sites. Here’s a couple: Continue reading