Obama v. Charlie Brown

The following story is just another example of how the people of this country continue to be attracted to, and vote for, mediocrity.

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Abortion, Again (sigh)

That sigh is with an heavy, almost anguished heart. The nut cases are at it again.  Abortion has become the focus of the national news, with another doctor gunned down by an anti-abortion, religious megalomaniac. I cannot, in good conscience, apply the term “pro-life” to people who commit murder over their pet peeve, or to any of the people who support murder as a tool to exterminate a pet peeve.

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Happy Birthday, Sarge!!!

I know this is supposed to be the birthday of baby Jesus, and I know Bill O’Reilly expects me to wish HIM a Merry Birthday, but dammit, I’d rather wish YOU a Happy Birthday, today, Sarge. So…


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The Definition of Irony

Or at least, if not a definition, it’s a very good, almost illustrative example of irony in action.

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Bill O’Reilly: My Favorite Hypocrite

I don’t do it very often (I have standards) but when I do, I enjoy it. I make a habit NOT to watch FOX news (or sitcoms, or whatever they happen to be broadcasting) on principle. Any allegedly fair and balanced news network that makes an agenda out of not being fair or balanced, does not deserve my eyeballs. However, I have to admit that I will occasionally watch Bill O’Reilly (although, FOX advertising department, take note: It’s usually via online video clips stripped of all ads). His attempts to be charming always bring a chuckle, and his smarmy interviewing demeanor always gives my heart muscle the workout I usually fail to achieve on the treadmill. It’s nice to know that the problem of evil, the biggest hurdle to swallowing theistic dogma, is given front and center at FOX news. Continue reading