God Approves of Abortion

Follow my logic here.

I drove by our local abortion clinic this morning, and the usual bevy of protestors with their graphic signs and posters of aborted fetuses were there, trying hard to shock the sensibilities of the drivers rushing to get to work. They’ve been doing this for years, and I’ve written about it before.

There was a new sign out front that said something to the effect that

Obama Supports the Killing of Babies

which I presume was a response to the perceived loss at the polls by the various so-called pro-life candidates last week. Maybe an attempt to double down on the stupidity of the campaign, or something? I don’t know.  This was the first time I saw a sign mentioning our President by name out front of this clinic. It really doesn’t matter, but infusing a political element into the protest is what got me to think that God must approve of abortion, and that these people are protesting in vain.

In the primaries of this election cycle, just about every candidate running for the Republican nomination pointed out that they were all called by God to run. In effect they claimed, without any proof (as one comes to expect with religious assertions), that God had anointed their campaign as the one he approved of, notwithstanding the fact that God couldn’t have logically anointed them all simultaneously. And, as we all expected, one by one they dropped out of the race, when the electorate (you know – the ones who really do count in elections) simply didn’t agree with them.

So God must have withdrawn his approval of their campaigns, one by one, and instead put his divine weight behind Romney, right, since he was the ultimate victor? Well, to his credit, the Mittsger never came out and claimed that God had called him to the job, but we can only assume that God’s a Republican since he called all those other Republicans, and no Democrats. He was clearly on the anti-Obama side, since he never gave even a hint that he supported Obama at all. The Republican platform has a very specific anti-choice position, along with an anti-gay position, and God, as we all know (according to Michelle Bachmann , and Herman Cain, and Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum) agrees with that platform. Most religious officials, especially the Christian ones, would tend to agree with this.

So it’s very clear that God supports Republicans, and by extension, the Republican platform. At least according to Republicans. And it’s a matter of record that Obama is, and has always been, pro-choice on the issue of abortion.

Yet, despite the clear positions on both sides, God favored Obama, by allowing him to be elected in the general election, even though he anointed so many anti-choice candidates in the primaries leading up to that election.

The conclusion?

God favored Obama because he favored his positions and, more generally, the Democratic platform.  Since pro-choice is the official Democratic position on abortion,  and that of Obama, it only stands to reason that God agrees with Obama and therefore is pro-choice.

Case closed.

14 thoughts on “God Approves of Abortion

  1. There is a clear proof that God wanted Obama win the election: most Republicans think that Obama won only because of hurricane Sandy. But what was Sandy if not an act of God?

    • I think this is where the believer just goes back to the last stand rationalizations of god knows best, he works in mysterious ways, as a mortal we can’t fathom the greater good, and so on. As William Lane Craig admitted, when the observed seemingly contradicts the “known” (believed through faith) then the observed must either be ignored or set aside until it can be understood to not contradict. Observation then is not a means to form a judgment, therefore what’s seen can only serve to support the believer’s prejudgment or else be set aside. This setting aside of observed reality must be difficult for anyone as it flies in the face of our normal everyday behavior. One could label that difficulty “reluctance”.

  2. The absurdity of such viewpoints is evidenced by the fact that abortions take place regardless who the president is or what political party he belongs to. Bush was anti-abortion, but if he really was so gung-ho against abortion, he could have stood in line at an anti-abortion protest and even personally attempted to dissuade pregnant women from getting an abortion. However, he did no such thing.

  3. God really is quite the prankster. Just think – for months he allowed Republicans to believe they were His Chosen Party, then he laughed as the Democrats won, and Karl Rove looked like a moron live on FOX News, and Romney and Ryan made lame excuses for why their loss was not their fault. God’s side must be aching from laughing so hard for the past three weeks. It’s obvious to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear that God loves Obama, Obama’s policies, Democrats (the more liberal, the better), gays and lesbians, and, especially, marijuana.

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