I Get Searches

Every once in awhile I dig beneath the Dashboard of this blog to see what kind of interests the people have who show up here. March 9 was the day I checked for this post. Below is a list of all the searches that link to this blog.

Now some of them I can understand. All the searches for variations on the “atheist billboard” theme are explained by my last two posts. And of course anything with “spanish” (even if spelled incorrectly – go go Google!) or “inquisitor” in the search would show a link to this location. The “venus fly trap” inquiries are also obvious.

But I’m really perplexed about the most common search that got eyeballs on my blog – “fat old fapping guy”. WTF is a fat old fapping guy? For that matter, what is “fapping”?  And why are there 21 individual searches that all ended up here that day? Did someone give Gideon his computer back? And “household zombie weapons”? I honestly can’t remember writing about that, but I’ve been doing this for 5 years, so it’s possible I forgot.

Props to the guy looking for funny offensive religious pictures. I’ve found myself looking for them many times in the past, and they’re really not hard to find. Here’s one. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Next time someone goes looking for those pictures, they’ll end up here. Again. In greater volume.

I also got some good ideas for future posts. Women’s sexuality during the Spanish Inquisition, for instance. I’m sure that might be of interest to my readers. Both of them. I’ll bet there is a Cardinal Rushardo Limbaugini somewhere in the Vatican’s history of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition.

Wait! I think I just figured out who the fat old fapping guy is..

fat old fapping guy 21
# of religious billboards in us 8
rmoney 6
beer belly women 4
jesus+arms 3
atheist billboard vandalized 3
spanish inquisitor 3
frustration demotivational poster 3
tess taylor 3
con gun control cartoons 3
offensive funny religious pictures 2
household zombie weapons 2
how to kill a home invader 2
mystic nature 2
prayer for peace photo 2
christianity contraception 2
evolution of a unique pregnancy 2
perfect asshole 2
intelligence posters 2
office hate 2
thor war god viking 1
burden of proof lies with the accuser 1
current events spanish 1
a letter logos 1
spanihs inquisitor 1
bilboard 1
spanish fly 1
effect of religion on science education 1
roller coasters in heaven 1
sex and delusion 1
fat guy computer 1
funny church marquee 1
inquisitor 1
rmoney picture 1
columbine killings 1
prayer for peace 1
top 10 creationist arguments 1
oxymoron political cartoon 1
dinosaur 1
romney freudian slip 1
funny cliche cartoons 1
how to say venus flytrap in spanish 1
oxymoron cartoon 1
guy at all you can eat 1
why only ten comm 1
we run this shit 1
venus fly trap 1
fundamentalism scopes trial 1
allinanchor:memes ows 1
hypocrisy comments in spanish 1
women’s sexuality during the spanish inquisition 1
viking gods 1
Other search terms 33
Unknown search terms

11 thoughts on “I Get Searches

  1. Yeah, I don’t get some of the searches for mine either. I wonder if they are not actual visits, but just a bot dropping by? Or are all those someone actually visiting the blog because of what they entered?

    Nice picture, by the way. Had not seen that before.

    • I never understood that either. But a bot doesn’t (bot)her me. I think.

      The pic is from a t-shirt I may have to now buy.

  2. Fapping is the Internets’ euphemism for that activity proscribed by the Bible that people like to do, hopefully, in the privacy of their homes when they are alone. Or maybe when they’re married.

  3. Actually, you kind of qualify on all counts, SI. Unless you have made some progress in the weight loss category. With my recent running and watching what I eat – I only qualify on 3 of 4. 😉

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