My Gosh, What A Chuckle…Head

If you’re seriously thinking that Santorum is a viable candidate, you need to have your chucklehead examined. This guy is a major financial backer of the candidate, yet his ideas about women are from the 1950s. Birth control consisted of women keeping they legs pressed tight against a Bayer aspirin? How enlightened of him! Of course, the Pill had not been invented and commercially produced by then, so I guess that was the only pill available for birth control when Mr. Chucklehead was playing hide the salami.

But good golly, gosh, there are millions of jobs at stake, and terrorists setting up camps in South America! And everybody is talking about sex!

So why does his candidate premise a substantial part of his campaign on sex? He’s against contraception; gay marriage; gay sex for that matter – he thought Lawrence v. Texas was decided wrongly; abortion; and if someone asked him, I suspect he’d have a negative position on masturbation. He is an outspoken opponent of abortion, even to save the life of the mother,  yet he had no problem when his wife’s life was in danger during a problem pregnancy, and chose to prematurely end the pregnancy, knowing the child would quickly die (which it did) in order to save her life. In other words, a de facto abortion is OK for him, but no one else!

And he has no problem with chuckleheads like Mr. Friess giving Andrea Mitchell whiplash reacting to his ignorance.

Well, at least there is a video out there where Santorum makes some sense. Hope it provides a chuckle.

23 thoughts on “My Gosh, What A Chuckle…Head

  1. Until reading this and following it with a couple of YouTube watches I had no idea who Rick Santorum was — I’m not from the United States of America. Now I know. My goodness! It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the average American voter for giving him a position. This man is ‘not right in the head,’ and not even in a good way.

  2. Does aspirin keep women from “getting raped too much” too? He should tell Liz Trotta about that little trick. I bet they’d save a lot of money in the military that’s currently being wasted on rape counseling.

  3. Would clenching an aspirin between your cheeks stave off ass rape, and is the answer dependent upon whether it’s a Bayer aspirin or not? Enquiring minds want to no.

    • I don’t know. I thought she handled it like you would expect a prominent national correspondent on Main Stream Media to handle it. She acted like he punched her in the gut, tried to regain, and did regain, her composure at what she clearly thought was an inappropriate comment (it wasn’t even responsive to her question, it was completely gratuitous), and certainly unexpected, then politely said “let’s change the subject” implying “I can’t top that, it speaks for itself”.

      • She’s talking to a major funder of a serious presidential candidate. The person is representing the candidate and the candidate’s views, and he makes a statement that demeans, seriously demeans women and the entire issue of contraception. And she let it go as if it didn’t happen. Just like, who was it, King, at the debate when Newt blasted the media instead of dealing with the question about his morality and King practically got on his knees instead of taking on Gingrich. It happens over and over again. I think Mitchell blew it. She’s been an insider too long, but I’m not seeing… wasn’t seeing, when I had TV, many of the younger journalists challenge much either. But of course they don’t show us children in the Middle East blown apart by Israeli and American arms either. Can’t put on the air anything that might upset the childish minds comprising the American electorate. The motto hanging in the corporate boardrooms of American news conglomerates is “They can’t handle the truth. Truth hurts sales.”

        But you’re right. She handled it the way I’d expect a prominent national correspondent on Main Stream Media to handle it. You’re absolutely right.

        • The MSM correspondents tend to take the safe road, the non-controversial road. Tom Brokaw probably would have laughed along with the guy. At least she acted flustered, and a bit shocked.

          • Which suggests she may not have done her research on the guy. Of course on the other hand who ever heard of this bozo before she stuck his foot in her mouth? (Which might be another method of birth control, come to think of it…)

            I’m just tired of cutting these people slack. They’re pimping for war with Iran, just like they did with Iraq back in the day. Who’s going to be the new Judith Miller? They never push the politicians, virtually never challenge them. The once vaunted Fourth Estate has become a backyard playground for the other three. It’s just milk and cookies, milk and cookies all the way down for the press.

  4. I read about the bullshit tactic Santorum used to dodge the question. He brought up no one challenging Obama about his association with Pastor Wright. Excuse me, it caused Obama so much trouble that he felt compelled to give an entire speech about it. But that’s what happens with people like Santorum. They spout falsehoods and their interviewers never call them on it.

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