Science Is Better Than Your God

Nyah, nyah. Do I sound like a petulant school boy? The reason I might is because the sentiment is so painfully obvious, even a child could figure it out and agree. It takes little in the way of critical thinking to do so.

In the Can-Your-God-Do-This? Department, science has done what, as usual, god cannot do. Or, to believe most believers, he could do it, so he apparently doesn’t want to.

In 1974, 13 year old Ima Jean Sanders disappeared. She was never heard from again, and for 37 years her mother has never had a day go by where she didn’t think about her, or wonder whatever happened to her. The remains of a young female were discovered in 1976, but never linked to Ima.

Fast forward to 2011. In the interim between the discovery of the bones and now, DNA matching methods are devised by scientists, and are used to not only exonerate people on death row who are wrongly convicted, but are used to help solve “cold cases” still on the books. Ima Jean Sanders case was one of these. The remains found in 1976 have turned out to be a match for those of Ima, and she will now be returned to her family. Her murder has been linked to a known serial killer of the day.

During all this time, presumably, (and I have to presume here, because I can find no direct quotes) but presumably her family prayed to god to help them find their daughter, or discover what happened to her. Or maybe her family didn’t, but neighbors or friends or relatives or members of her church did, or if she wasn’t affiliated with a church, perhaps just members of any church in town prayed to god to help in the investigation.Or someone who read the paper at the time. This is Georgia, so it’s not a stretch to assume that someone prayed to their god to find her.

God wasn’t listening. Or maybe he was preoccupied with a football game at the moment. Who knows? (Answer: Nobody)

And her remains remained (sorry) in storage, unidentified, and unclaimed, for 35 years, waiting for that day when science and medicine and technology (or should I say, human beings using science and medicine and technology) devised a means of identifying and matching the DNA (allegedly divinely created) of two samples, one from a known sample of Ima’s family DNA, and that recovered from her remains.

So I ask Christians (and Muslims, and Jews and all other theists who believe in a personal god, one who answers prayers and watches over his creation) what was so hard for your god that he couldn’t break away from the football game (or soccer match, or all the worship time devoted to him) and nudge the authorities a little in the direction of finding little Alma, instead of waiting 37 years for humans to invent the means to do so without his assistance?

I’m sure there are some apologists who will say that he did, that DNA testing was a gift from god, that he’s not bound by earthly time constraints, that he works in mysterious ways, and what could be more mysterious than a 37 year time lapse? If you believe that, you’re in serious self-denial, and need to crawl back under that rock.

Any god that sees a family suffering from a lack of knowledge about their precious child and does nothing about that, when doing something would be analogous to scratching a heavenly itch, well…simply doesn’t exist.

Any child could suss that one out.

8 thoughts on “Science Is Better Than Your God

    • I’m glad no one uttered that prayer for me. Early iterations of my blog banner would have been …ummm…boring.

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  2. God only works where his work can’t directly be seen, haven’t you realized that? That’s why he’ll never replace a lost limb, grow you new skin, remove tumors or any bits of already detected cancer, fix cleft lips and palates, broken bones, torn ligaments, etc.

    If something happens and you can’t observe or otherwise figure out how it happened (or are unwilling or able to accept any other explanation, no matter how credible), then goddidit.

    • There was a good quote over on, IIRC, PZ’s blog yesterday.

      “I wish Christians were actually made in the image of their god – invisible and silent”.

  3. Don’t forget the more recent instance in Florida where 11 year old autistic girl Nadia Bloom was found in a densely wooded area after 4 days of searching by a church member who claims God spoke to him and led him to young Nadia, barefoot, soaked and insect bitten from head to toe. So, if I understand this, God knew where to find Nadia. Now I’m not a cop but if some old guy was able to lead me directly to an 11 yr old girl 4 days missing, he would probably go to the top of list of suspects. At worst, it would appear God spent 4 days in the woods with a young girl and may be a pedophile. At best he’s just a douche who knew where she was the whole time but got some kind of sick pleasure from letting her rescue drag out for 4 days.

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