Rapture, Redux

Nice headline:

Harold Camping Admits Rapture Prediction May Have Been a Mistake

May have?

The Washington Post reports that America’s favorite Rapture-loving nonagenarian, Harold Camping, is now admitting the obvious: That he may have made a mistake when he predicted that the world would end on May 21 and October 21 this year.

Isn’t the fact that it didn’t occur, twice now, proof positive? Why the hedge?

The answer, as usual, is in the old adage “Follow the money”.

Camping did not apologize for his wrong predictions. And why would he? His less-than-credible end-of-days scenario has made him a pretty penny. CNN reports Camping’s followers donated more than $80 million from 2005 to 2009. Before the May 21 prediction, some followers gave up their life savings and donated their possessions in preparation for the Rapture.

Call me cynical, but people who believe this shit are in the same group of people that think that Kim Kardashian’s marriage had nothing to do with money but was all about love.


And in other news, our esteemed Congress, beset with trying to find solutions to some of the most pressing problems this country has ever seen, like a global economy in meltdown, an unemployment rate  close to double digits, and foreclosures on homes coming out the wazoo, have decided that it is very important that they consider this resolution:

Need I comment further?

9 thoughts on “Rapture, Redux

  1. “But SI, you just don’t UNDERSTAND… us GOOD Christians never believed in Camping’s prediction because no one can know the day or time it’s going to happen”.

    Just saving some goof-ball the trouble of posting it.

  2. What Camping had actually predicted was that May 21 was to be Judgment Day, meaning that everyone who had been saved would be raptured, and then the world would end on October 21 for us heathen fucks still left, thereby putting an end to our miserable existence. Unfortunately, they’re still here with us.

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