It’s Hard To Take Her Seriously

She says some of the dumbest (not darnedest) things supposedly coming out of the mouth of an intelligent, well educated public servant. Irreconcilable things. Completely hypocritical statements. Self serving beliefs masked as facts. Utter nonsense.

So how can anyone take her seriously? The scary thing is that many people do, because she apparently mirrors the overall stupidity of many of her potential constituents.

I know that sounds condescending, by why should I feel it necessary to respect the stupidity, the willful ignorance of others, when they, by voting for her, may make her my President? It really confounds me that the level of intelligence and political discourse has sunk so low, in an attempt to pander to the least common denominator. Whatever happened to real politicians listening politely to the bullshit of their constituents, and then dismissing it, on the theory that they were not elected to do what their constituents want regardless of how stupid it may be, but what was best for the country? This is why we have a representative democracy, not a true democracy.

We raise children on the latter theory. We don’t give them candy, or let them play with guns or matches, simply because they want to. We take a ‘best interest’ approach to raising children, and our elected representatives should take the same approach when making decisions about this country.

And the press gets the rest of my scorn. By taking her seriously, simply because she’s there, and not criticizing her for her hypocrisy, her stupidity, her nonsensical beliefs, is just irresponsible. David Gregory was chastised in certain circles for spending so much time on Meet the Press last Sunday asking her about her religious beliefs. I’m sorry, but that’s what responsible journalism does. It digs down and exposes the crap for what it is, instead of licking her high heels in the hopes of garnering ratings.

11 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Take Her Seriously

  1. “Not that Muslims are bad.” Priceless

    She’s an idiot, and so are most of the voters in this country so what’s the shock? I just got back from Vancouver, and I have to say it looks tempting to move there.

      • If you move to Vancouver with Philly you won’t have to learn another language. And the scenery is amazing. The only downside is that the roads are inadequate to support the traffic demands – getting around the city is a bitch.

        • Buses run like every 10 minutes or less, all day. It’s amazing! That far exceeds SEPTA’s rush hour schedules, let alone for the rest of the day. Who needs a car?

          Trading Spanish channels for French ones though is a downgrade.

  2. The fact that she has made it this far as a prospective presidential candidate says it all about the ignorance of (too) many Americans. Unless some miracle happens, the 2012 election going to be very bleak given the current crop of jokers running for president.

  3. She might be funny, she might be delusional, and she definitely makes Perry look better, which all together is not funny at all.

    I didn’t vote for Obama in 08′ and voted against the Republican offering as well. Looks likely that I will be doing the same again, unless it appears to be a very close finish.

  4. Exactly how stupid are the constituents who keep electing this moron? W looks like a Rhodes scholar compared to her.

  5. Chaplain, her constituents are people who think that all we need to do to fix America’s problems is to ban abortion, push gays back into the closet, eliminate taxes and reinstate school prayer.

    Another odd thing about people like her is that they condemn the very government they seek to be a part of. Bachmann compared her stint as a tax attorney with the IRS as “getting to know the enemy from the inside” and referred to Washington, D.C. as enemy occupied territory and alluding to some members of congress as being anti-American.

  6. Don’t forget she also wants to ban pornography. She wants to eliminate a multi-billion dollar industry at a time when the economy is in the dumper.

    • Yes, but the fact that it’s produced here and generates so much money makes Jesus cry, preventing America from receiving God’s blessings. Remove all the things which makes Jesus cry (gays, female autonomy, non-Christian and wrong-Christian beliefs, unmarried sex, masturbation, etc, and probably non-whites too for good measure) and America will again return to it’s rightful privileged place as God’s chosen nation. It’s all that simple, and simple is good because thinking too much invites the Devil into your brain.

  7. You raise a great point about the media. I agree completely. Their job should be to expose her for the extremist that she is.

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