Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Nuttin.

They just wanna be elected.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Nuttin.

  1. I’m not sure how many of them are actually serious about getting elected. The motivation seems to be other things, which basically boil down to money. It’s a marketing exercise to increase the value of their name to induce future projects or promote current projects. Who has a book, who wants to write a book, who wants more tv opportunities, who wants more speaking engagements and/or higher rates for speaking engagements, etc.

    I’ll also go out on a limb and say I think the GOP realizes that they can’t win in 2012, or that a win wouldn’t be as beneficial as a win in 2016, so the “good” candidates aren’t running and they’re encouraging the second string/demagogue/whack-job faction to run. I think their scenario would be control House and Senate while harassing Obama and blame everything on him (and Dems) while grooming someone like Ryan for 2016.

  2. “If you’ll listen to the lies I spew….”

    Well, sure, people will listen. After all, the lies are based on what focus groups have shown people are ALREADY thinking! This is what shot Trump up in the polls. He looked at the numbers. A very large segment of the American Right either think Obama is not an American, have doubts about him being an American, or know he IS an American but absolutely LOVE that there is a controversy over it. None of the big names (not even Palin) was overtly capitalizing on it. Trump did, and became an instant contender by speaking to the herd – of COURSE!

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