This Is The Guy I Voted For

Barack Obama.

That other guy that’s been prowling the Oval Office, I didn’t vote for him. Must be his evil twin, Skippy.

Why doesn’t the real Barack show up once in awhile? We saw a little bit of him, a sneak peek, during his speech the other night. But he needs to come to work every day.

I hope this is the same guy that announced that he was running for re-election is 2012

10 thoughts on “This Is The Guy I Voted For

  1. Obama has been very disappointing, though I am the fool for being disappointed. The U.S. political system sucks, I’ve known it forever, and yet I still I get disappointed.

    There is one political party – the party of corporate interest. It has a liberal wing called “the Democrats” and a conservative wing called “the Republicans”. And, yeah, I’m still vaguely pleased that Obama and his Demos are in the White House rather than McCain/Palin. If being vaguely (stupidly?) pleased is what we are shooting for – then I’m all for continuing our political system exactly as it is.

    Wake me up when the asteroid hits – now THAT is “change you can believe in”. Do I sound bitter and cynical? NOOOOO….

  2. Why doesn’t the real Barack show up once in awhile?

    Maybe the problem is that the Barack Obama inhabiting the Oval Office is the real Barack and the one who was running for election was just deceptive advertising.

  3. You could argue that doing nothing is still an improvement over the previous 8 years I guess but yeah, he’s been nearly a complete disappointment.

    • All I wish he’d do is stand up to the GOPricks and say what he was willing to say off camera.

  4. I have no idea which BO is the real guy, but I agree that the guy who dissed the Republicans is the one the country needs to report to the Oval Office every day. These past two years have been looooooonnnnggggg, and the foreseeable future looks really bleak, regardless of who’s in office. No matter who holds political offices, the reality is that corporations will still be in charge and most Americans will continue being screwed.

    • Welcome aboard the cynic wagon.

      A review of U.S. foreign policy for at least 100 years shows that it matters little who is in office. Oh sure, they can vary in minute ways from each other, but there is a collective sense of “what needs to be done” which is expressed in a uniformity of action – regardless of our skewed perceptions of the president of the moment being a “pinko, liberal commie” or a “fascist, rightwing dictator”.

      Fucking joke.

  5. A review of U.S. foreign policy for at least 100 years shows that it matters little who is in office.

    That’s certainly what a lot of people outside the U.S. would say.

  6. It seems that the people who really get what they want are lumpish, sullen faced industrialists/financial wheeler dealers, party ideologues, bag men, and the spivs that seem to rotate from business, to think tank, to academia, to government and back through the cycle. They have PHDs, MBAs, and fraternity keys, look earnest, and have gravitas. Therefore, even though they have no idea about what they are about to effect with their actions (nor do they care) they are “experts”, so we get the TSA horseshit plus Bybee and Yu.
    Vote for who you want, write all the letters you want, you’re still trumped.

    I may be pessimistic, but I think that a lot of people around here are thinking that Trump may be just the president we need.
    The others looking to run are dross, but if Trump actually makes it we will look back on the Bush/Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld years as a halcyon time of enlightened Solons, Periclean in its peace, prosperity, compassion, humanity, and freedom. We will look back in longing, I think.

    C’mon, guys, as soon as any politician mentions “pragmatism” you have to know you’ve already been sold out. The only thing to do is make a grid, put in the dates and issures and sell pool tickets to see when he throws you under the bus. It’s the only way to gain.

  7. Don’t blame me, I wasn’t duped into voting for the guy 😉


    Nail on the head. This is one of those rare occasions where I agree with every word you said. Cheers.

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