Sheer Devastation

At the end of my last post, a post that attempted to share facts, as opposed to beliefs, about the science of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural catastrophes, I concluded with the exclamation “Enjoy!”. I’ve been reading about the after-effects of this horrible catastrophe, and realize that asking someone to enjoy even that kind of intellectual scrutiny was severely inappropriate, so I take it back.

Estimates are that at least 10,000 people may have died, not from the original earthquake (Japan is probably one of the most well prepared countries for earthquakes, so even 5 minutes of 8.9 shaking didn’t really faze it) but from the resultant tsunami that came about 5 minutes after. Whole towns simply disappeared, along with the inhabitants. Thousands of bodies are washing up on shore, having been dragged out to sea by the receding wave. The nuclear power plants may not survive the stress, and the personal stories are devastating and overwhelming.

No. There’s nothing to enjoy here.

11 thoughts on “Sheer Devastation

    • So I see, and since you wrote it, matters have taken a turn for the worst, as you noted in your post-post edit.


    • The link doesn’t work anymore, but if it’s the one I think it is, I did see it.

      “Oh, God you are so wonderful for killing all those Japanese, just to show the atheists what a loving god you are! I’m orgasmic over it.”

      I’m not so sure she isn’t a POE.

        • What exactly IS a “troll video”? Is that one whose sole purpose is to get attention? Because coming out and admitting she’s a troll doesn’t mean that the video wasn’t heartfelt. It just means she went out of her way to be a douche’.

          • It’s a new one for me as well. I guess attention by any means is a major motivator today, so she makes videos to push people’s buttons. It’s probably true that you’ll get more attention, easier, for being annoying or loathsome than praiseworthy. Look at all the attention she got.

            Now she was just playing a part, but our occasional douchebag troll, as far as I can tell, really believes his bullshit. If not, he goes through an awful lot of effort to appear as if he’s sincere. Now Giddy I don’t know, but then I don’t really care if he’s a true believer or not. There’s nothing of any interest in anything he’s ever posted.

  1. While that person might be a Poe, here is a link I wrote about a couple days ago to a compilation of facebook users who believe that Japan deserved it. I’m starting to feel a bit like a self referencing whore now…

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