Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

Now they do.

A friend sent this to me. Thanks, Sean.

12 thoughts on “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

  1. There’s a death metal band called “Atheist”, but I never cared for that kind of stuff. If music written and/or performed by atheists counts as atheist music, then there’s no shortage of it. I don’t know if all of Pink Floyd are atheists, but Gilmore and Waters are, Yip Harburg, Bartók, Berlioz, Straus, Rollins, and plenty more. It really is just academic, unless someone is going to make a fuss about how you can’t be creative without god belief, then you can bring it up, but otherwise I don’t think it matters.

  2. “… unless someone is going to make a fuss about how you can’t be creative without god belief…”

    Oh, I’m sure that one can be creative in music without an acknowledgment of the One who gave them the talent. It’s like anything else. Talent can be used and abused. I’m slow to critique anyone on their musical taste, it’s just not important to me that their preferences match mine. I, in fact, like many different forms of music. I mentioned what I referred to as crap, that is, the latest contemporary “Christian” “music”, (I still cringe even typing it!) only because it is so unlike hymns of old that were also educational in relaying some theological truth… unlike today, where many lyrics are restricted to one or two words, repeated over and over, like some kind of mantra.

    Growing up in the sixties, I was mostly into rock, but liked classical music, (my father’s influence) some country, (my mother’s) and then went to more ‘potent’ stuff in the seventies and eighties. I’m finding myself listening to the oldies, more, these days. I liked the Beatles before they got Shanghaied by the Maharishi. They went downhill, in my opinion, after they met that pot-head.

    • 😳


      My better half tells me that George Harrison’s dentist got them to try LSD, not the Guru. Whatever. Their music sucked after that.

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