Republicans Infected By Parasites

It’s so hard to maintain any respect for the National Republican Party anymore.  Wait a minute! What am I saying? “Maintain” respect? It’s impossible to even find a brain cell up here that could possibly create that initial speck of respect necessary for future maintenance.

Does this surprise anyone?

Senate Republicans vowed today to block all legislation in the year-end, “lame duck” session until the chamber moves ahead with proposals to extend income tax cuts and fund the government, putting a handful of priorities for President Obama in danger.

I’m beginning to think that some mad scientist has created a virus or a parasite, or a parasite with a virus,  that infects only Republicans, one that probably mutates their DNA, causing alterations to their basic brain chemistry that turns them into frothing-at-the-mouth, self-destructive madmen, similar to the parasite that infects ants that causes them to climb to the highest blade of grass so that cows eat them and pass the parasite into their bovine intestinal system, in order to continue to maximize damage to that species.

Like that parasite, something has infected the brains of Republicans that causes them to make statements and act in a way that causes their ideology, self serving as it is, to be “ingested” by the conservative-leaning masses, then passed on to the rest of the country via elections, in order to maximize damage to the country as a whole. In that sense, they are just mindless lackeys in the service of their masters – wealthy corporations the creators of the virus.

As Harry Reid said:

“The recent election gave Republicans more responsibility to participate in solving the problems we face, but so far they have just continued to stand on the sidelines rooting for failure.”

Yep, sounds like a parasitic virus.