Do We Look That Stupid?

Calling it a “patriotic exercise,” Flynn said the bill is geared to teach youths about history and principles.

Interesting quote, wouldn’t you say? Could be about anything, and depending on the subject, might be very helpful, very explanatory. But in this case, it’s about a Texas legislator, a Republican, who recently introduced a bill in the Texas legislature that would ensure that any Texas teacher who wants to can display the Ten Commandments in a classroom.

Again, I ask. How stupid do we look? By “we” I don’t mean atheists, I simply mean the American public at large, and more specifically, the Texas constituents of Representative Dan Flynn.

Let’s get serious. He’s a Republican, and he’s in Texas. And he wants us to believe that he is actually suggesting that we need legislation that allows teachers to post a copy of the Ten Commandments in every school classroom in Texas because it will teach them about “history and principles”?

Right. Have a got a bridge you’ll love to buy? You bet your sweet patootie, I do. It’s in New York City, and spans the East River, and…but I digress.

Let’s call a spade a spade. This is not about teaching history and principles, it’s about sticking the Ten Commandments, that list of 10 things most Americans never follow, (with the exception of number 6, and sometimes number 8 ) in public schools so that Christians can continue to flaunt their religion to all Americans, and show us just how special they are. Oh, wait. He gives it away in the next sentence:

“This is necessary to protect teachers who have the desire to establish that the country’s historical background is based on Judeo-Christian traditions,” he said.

Even if that was true, which it’s not, are teachers that incompetent that they can’t teach the history of Western civilization, which would reasonably touch on the traditions of Jewish and Christian cultures, without a copy of the Ten Commandments in the front of the room? I tend to doubt it, but then, this is Texas, so who knows?

Apparently, not only does he think we are that stupid, but he wants us to continue to stay stupid.

Our rights do come from God, not from government.

Clearly, the man has not learned anything in his own study of history and principles. I’m thinking he was edumacated in a Christian school. He hasn’t read the Constitution (“We, the People…”) or the Declaration of Independence (“That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”) or any of the Federalist papers, and the last time I checked the Bible, there was no mention of America there.Β  So it seems like he wants our up and coming students’ educations to be “dumbed down”, by ensuring a Christian viewpoint on “history and principles”. Will he succeed?

“If the bill became law and if a court looked at that law and determined that its primary purpose was to promote religion … a federal court probably would rule that it violates the First Amendment establishment clause,” which prevents government from making laws respecting establishment of religion, said David Masci, a senior researcher at the Washington, D.C.-based Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

That explains why he gave the statement that became the quote that leads this post. He wants the courts that will inevitably rule on this to believe that he doesn’t have a religious motivation in proposing this legislation, because the courts will specifically look at the legislative intent, and what better source of legislative intent than the specific spoken words of the legislators behind the bill?

He would never say “I want the Ten Commandments in every classroom so that the children are properly taught the principles of the religion I subscribe to”, now would he?

Apparently, he’s not all that stupid either.

17 thoughts on “Do We Look That Stupid?

  1. Srsly? I’ll grant you the Ten Commandments, if I can post the Satanic ten commandments, various wiccan and neo-pagan creeds, the Shahadah, and the Harry Potter prophecy alongside it. It’s all about history and principles after all, and what has affected American culture more in recent years than the Harry Potter series? It’s totes educational. Amen.

  2. Carla, you don’t need to worry about Harry Pothead getting enough press. Like John Lennon, he’s “bigger than God, now” with the masses.

    And, like EVILution, he enjoys a pretty powerful and biased propaganda machine to get his name out there. It’s called “The Media.”

    But, hey… if it floats your boat, pin all of those other ridiculous pseudo-religions up alongside the Decalogue. At least that will counter the monopoly that humanism enjoys in the public school system. Everywhere, now, we’re forced to listen to dogma dreamed up by anti-theist fanatics. Of course, that fact is conveniently ignored, here, at Anti-theist Central. Here, we focus on a few perverts diddling young boys whilst hiding in priestly frocks, conveniently ignoring the countless anti-theist regimes that exploit child labor in their countries, starve them in the streets, then/or just shoot them when they get to be a nuisance.

    However, I do think now that maybe Christians ought to distance themselves from pagan schools. Let them preach their humanist junk to their kiddies, making morons out them. Let them think that they’re ape-spawn, descendants of slime in some putrid, primordial shit hole. Teach them they’re nothing special, just an accident/freak of nature… fodder for the military/industrial complex to later exploit in one of their many wars. After all, what’s another ape when you have millions to choose from?

    Then, you have these left-wing whiners complaining about their government when they are the biggest fascist-enablers on the planet? Talk about “stupid”?

    Yeah… I used to argue for it, but, I’ve recanted. Keep Christianity out of the secular classrooms.

    No use getting it (Christianity) dirty.

  3. I don’t think Flynn thinks Americans are stupid, per se (although it’s anyone’s guess what he thinks of his fellow Texans). He may just figure that, as long as he plays the game of adhering to the principle of church-state separation, there are enough god-fearing Texans (and other Americans) who will wink and nod at his cleverness and slip this bill through. In the meantime, he gets to take a stand as a good, god-fearing Christian man (until he gets caught with his hands in the till, or the honey pot, or taking a wide stance in a men’s room, or…).

  4. He doesn’t think we’re stupid. He just doesn’t think, period. There’s no thought in any of this nonsense. It doesn’t take much effort to see the Christian Nation claims are, to put it kindly, grossly inflated. Besides, why not celebrate other parts of our heritage, especially ACTUAL parts, like slavery and killing indigenous people? Let’s hang a blanket to remember how we gave out small pox infested blankets to tribes during the winter to further our Manifest Destiny.

    Btw, did you hear Perry wants to send troops into Mexico to fight Cartels? That state is just nuts.

  5. I’m on to you, “Gideon.” I see what you are doing, but I think you miss a very important point. The key to effective satire is to remain distinguishable from the subject of said farce. You have the over-the-top ridiculousness down, except you forget the we are discussing Texas here. For Texas, you need to turn the crazy up to 11. Living next to Texas as I do, one sees that your farcical character “Gideon” would pass for a moderate Republican there.

    • “The key to effective satire is to remain distinguishable from the subject of said farce.”

      Sorry, son, I don’t have to “distinguish” myself from anything in this post, I am apolitical, which means I’m not dumb enough to have been duped into thinking that partisan politics is a viable means toward anything. Neither am I an American, so I could hardly be affiliated with the Republican party, even in a moderate way.

      I think that Texas is one of the more ‘evolved’ states, though, having not succumbed so much to left-wing soft-headedness, which embraces every goofy and radical idea and concept that comes down the pipe… especially if it compliments some insane and frenetic idea that Christianity is taking over America. LOL! Take a look around… you see God anywhere in this goofy asylum we call society?

      Go ahead… preach your goofy evolutionary, humanist theories in classrooms. Thinking people will always have the option of alternative education, at least for a little while longer. Nothing will change the outcome in all of this.

      Infidels are just so entertaining!


        • Giddy, you know why I moderate you. We’ve been down that road. Frankly, the moderation is a success. You are far more tranquil than you were when left unfettered.

          And so far, with one or two small exceptions, everything you have written here has been allowed.

          • πŸ˜†

            Well, that’s mighty big of you, John, allowing me to comment with “only” one or two “small” exceptions. And, it’s also true that I can be, shall we say, a formidable opponent when aroused.

            I think, though, you’re conveniently forgetting all of the times when I tried to have a civil discussion, here, when it was suddenly scuttled by some “unfettered” infidels playing on your hospitality and bias, intruding with profanity and vulgarity that rivaled or excelled anything I handed out. Now, we have Tit, here, doing what all infidels do when they inevitably fall short of producing anything meaningful toward a logical and knowledgeable discussion.

            But, he’s on the home team, right? So, that’s okay?

            Hey… no worries. If nothing else, John, you’re consistent!

  6. Gideon

    Im on neither “team”. The truth is I just think you are a Bleep Bleep. Dont sweat it though, I think you and Chief are probably related. You know, same shit different stink.

  7. Don’t worry, Tit, I’ll sure give not sweating you a real hard try, son. There. Did it.

    Now… anything else, you bleeping, blankety-blank, mother-blanker, you?


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