Catholic Condoms Conditionally Condoned

One of the most egregious Catholic policies of late (aside from boy buggering) has been the refusal to allow the use of condoms in sexual relations. Indeed, all birth control is proscribed, but condoms have collateral benefits, such as restricting the spread of disease. Of course, aside from the procreational aspect in a world where over-population is a significant problem, you also have the fact that Catholics in countries where AIDS runs rampant have to make a choice between obeying the teachings of their church, or dying. And many choose death because that childhood Catholic indoctrination is so hard to shake.

Well, that may be changing. The Pope has come out today and approved the use of condoms provided they are being used to prevent the spread of AIDS. In other words, they are still a no-no if you want to simply prevent a pregnancy. This is notable because as late as last year, this same expert on human relations was claiming that condoms would actually make the AIDS problem worse. So now he’s come to his senses and figured out what even the dumbest non-Catholic knows:

He will stress that abstinence is the best policy in fighting the disease, but accept that in some circumstances it is better for a condom to be used if it protects human life.

It’s nice that the Catholic Church is stepping out of the 12th century, and into the 19th, but this is the 21st after all. Population control could do far more to alleviate suffering in the world, especially in third world countries where poverty is endemic and resources are scarce, but the Church is still adamantly against that, unless it occurs through self-imposed abstinence, an unrealistic expectation where sex is often the only form of reliable recreation the poor may have.

Call me a cynic, but I think this latest 180° turnabout is motivated more by the recognition of the potential loss of membership in the church, than any real concern for improving the quality of their lives.

Of course, it’s possible, too, that all he wants to do is protect his priests from contracting STDs from little boys and girls.

5 thoughts on “Catholic Condoms Conditionally Condoned

  1. I’m actually rather pleasantly shocked by this. News from Benny usually gives me nothing but headaches and rage, and to see even a little bit of an openness to change is really encouraging. By golly, there’s hope in the world yet!! 😀

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  3. This decision doesn’t make any sense.

    “In certain cases, where the intention is to reduce the risk of infection…”

    Yet isn’t the church’s position that the sole intention for sex is procreation?

    “There may be justified individual cases, for example when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be … a first bit of responsibility, to redevelop the understanding that not everything is permitted and that one may not do everything one wishes.”

    But condoms make it possible to do what’s not permitted (by the church) with a significantly reduced fear of HIV (ie – wrath of god). All those sins like gay sex, adultery, sexual promiscuity and any sex not engaged in for the sole purpose of procreation (ie – making more Catholics) become possible with condoms, which must have been what he meant before when he said that condom use “aggravates the problems”. It’s insanity, but it’s internally consistent with their belief system. This new ruling isn’t, yet of course is a much more sane response to the problem.

    This is one in a long history of instances where a religion, far from being the source of morality and wisdom it claims to be, is forced to change its position on a subject due to the pressures of society.

  4. Yeah, membership goes down means the money goes away and Pope Benny, Saint of Child Molesters, might not get to live like a frigging emperor while he pronounces a sentence of death and suffering and misery on millions of children.

    To steal a phrase: There will be peace in the world when all the priests and bishops are strangled with the condoms of hustlers and whores.

    Oh, yeah, and when the idiot newspeople stop looking at this tiny sop to public pressure as any kind of breakthrough that really matters. It boils down to El Popo saying HIV-sick hustlers can use condoms, sorta, maybe, sometimes, but not all you millions of people who really really need to use them. Benny’s a psychopath living in a tower of delusion and willful ignorance.

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