I must give a plug to an organization I’ve joined here in Central Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Nonbelievers. Last night I was invited to speak to them at their monthly meeting, and for a free meal, I agreed. Actually, I would have done it without the fine culinary compensation, as I found the meeting to be pleasantly enjoyable, and the members quite congenial, despite my initial trepidation brought on by irrational stage fright. I’m used to speaking in a courtroom, or arguing cases before a panel of judges, but addressing a crowd, albeit as cozy and intimate as this was, tucked into the back room of a local restaurant, was still a new experience. But in the end I’m glad they asked me, as I discovered that as long as I’m talking about something I’m qualified to talk about (in this case – me), the term “verbal diarrhea” actually has personal meaning. I needed the humbling experience. It’s good for my soul ego.

So I’m adding them to my blog-roll, a deficiency I should have corrected years ago, for cris’sake, since I’ve been blogging here in Central Pennsyltucky for over 3 years. According to their map, they cut a wide swath across south central Pennsylvania  – all the way from Franklin Country through Cumberland, Dauphin, Northumberland, York, Lebanon, Lancaster and Berks counties.

They seem to do a lot of good work, while engendering quite a bit of religious ire, (so they must be doing something good).

Check them out, if you’re from around here.

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  1. Odd thing, there, O Inquisitive One … how does Berks, Lebanon, Lancaster, and York become “central Pennsylvania”?

    I live in the REAL “Shit Town”, Altoona, you know, “The Big Queasy”, and we’re thirty miles from the geographical center of the state, about a twenty minute drive from Center County, and it’s a two and a half to three hour plus drive out in the “central Pee Aye” alleged to be Lancasterish.

    • “South central”, Sarge. But either way, according to some, everything between Philly and Pittsburgh is Central PA. Given the fact that the “T” that comprises the central and northern countries vote in a block (with a few urban exceptions) there’s a lot to be said for that.

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