Eight False Things…

…The Public “Knows” Before Election Day.

Interesting piece. It seems that disinformation is the key to Republican success. FOX News shares a lot of the blame, but they don’t care. Those that are so against Obama, the current Administration, and our current Democratic leaders seems to base their antipathy on pure ignorance. It can be seen in the campaigns of Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Rand Paul and other sweethearts of the Tea Party.

The antidote is a little big shot of reality, mixed with some skepticism and common sense.

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  1. Thanks. There was another article from a month or so ago about what the healthcare reform has done. One of the biggies is no more lifetime limits. I never knew this, but insurance companies would list a total limit that they’d payout over the lifetime of a policy. Hit that, and you’re done so sorry about that cancer.

    Now we can bitch about Fox and the absolutely fantastic propaganda machine the Republicans have, but have you heard about lifetime limits anywhere, like perhaps on the so-called liberal media? I never did. Where was this during all that death panel bullshit? Look, politics is a game of information (ie – bullshit). Complaining about one side being too good at it is pointless. The complaints should be aimed at the Dems, and this President, especially in light of what appeared to be his incredible marketing and campaign engine. Wtf? Plus, uh, he’s the President. He could dominate the news if he wanted, but no. It’s like they want to fail.

    In the mean time, I have to vote to make sure some former witch who is now on record as not knowing what’s in our constitution and a jackass who thinks Hitler invented separation of church and state and that those who defend it in this country are Nazis don’t get sent to Washington to represent my state.

    • Complaining about one side being too good at it is pointless. The complaints should be aimed at the Dems, and this President…

      I agree completely. The Dems are pathetic at selling themselves. Obama sold himself two years ago and has been nearly mute since. Meanwhile, the Repubs are fantastic at selling piles of shit to people and convincing them that they’ve just bought genuine platinum bars.

  2. “Now we can bitch about Fox…”

    It’s all about bitching, isn’t it?

    “Look, politics is a game of information (ie – bullshit).”

    Exactly, though I’d add the prefix “dis” to information. Isn’t that what I’ve always said? That and partisan politics is something to give the overworked, overtaxed, over-regulated masses something to focus on or they might wake up (lol) and see how they’re being drilled in the ass by a comparatively small number of elites.

    “Complaining about one side being too good at it is pointless.”

    And, that’s where the good sense ends and the programming takes over. Old dogs die hard, eh, Chief? The analysis devolves right back into what can the system do to right itself… even though it isn’t designed to do that, as we’ve just seen. It’s not working perfectly. In that sense, it cannot “fail” as it is performing exactly as it should. It’s the public’s perception of the system’s true nature and “dis”-function that fails.

    The analysis then continues devolving to it’s inevitable conclusion…

    “I agree completely. The Dems are pathetic at selling themselves. Obama sold himself two years ago.”

    The only ones that have “sold” themselves are those that continue to play the game. Obama does exactly as he’s told to do by his bosses like every president does, (the ones that don’t get shot, anyway) which is what I tried to tell certain left-wing individuals, a couple of years ago, who were rabidly in back of the boy in the last presidential campaign. Guess what? Now, they’ve not only divorced themselves from him, they’re claiming they never knew him to begin with, much less slept with him! LOL! (And, some of them were literally willing to do just that!) Now, they’re bitter, disillusioned, squabbling among themselves, etc, etc.

    So, what’s the answer? Keep on doing what you’ve always done. Scurry off to the nearest voting station and pick some other candidate/whipping-post to offer up as sacrifice to your own moral irresponsibility. Keep playing “the game”. I mean, look how great things are because of it? You’ve really made progress, haven’t you, these last couple of centuries or so? It’s definitely working for you!

    “Thanks for posting though; people need to know this shit.”

    Yeah, just like they need another asshole!

    • There’s nothing new or even wrong with different groups attempting to promote their opinions over others’ opinions. That didn’t start with the US, nor will it end with the US. My point was it’s silly to condemn one side for being so much better at it than the other. You can condemn their antics of disinformation, but really isn’t it up to those with the right information to get that out there and expose the deceivers?

      You refer to “the system”, but you don’t explain what you mean by it. Our system of government is where everyone has an opportunity to present an opinion is just fine, however, as always, those with money (ie – power) hijack systems so we have a mere two party system, severely limiting the range of possible opinions kicking about, and thus the range of possible leaders to represent us, and yes, they generally represent other interests before ours, be that theirs, those of the wealthy supporting them, or both. THAT is a system set up independently at at odds with our system of government.

      As far as bitching about Fox, it was Fox who won that lawsuit years ago where in the ruling it stated that a news agency was under no obligation to accurately present the news. If you want to talk about a system, perhaps talk about the establishment of a system which requires news agencies to actually deliver the news and not disinformation. Oh, but that would need to be an independent agency to police and enforce the system, which means it would have to be a government agency, and I’m betting that you’re the “slash the size and budgets of govt” type so you forfeit the right to cry about disinformation, be it by Fox or the so-called “liberal media”.

  3. “There’s nothing new or even wrong with different groups attempting to promote their opinions over others’ opinions.”

    In an ideal world, I suppose. The trouble with the type of political system you have is that some individual’s opinions seem to have more credence than others. You’re right, I don’t like big government, I think smaller, provincial and individual state governments and legislatures are the way to go. Here in Canada, we still float along on the elitist-contrived and run British parliamentary system, which, is just another version of what you have but with the added encumbrance of a deadbeat monarchy. Canadians have been duped into thinking they have achieved independence from Britain through the Charter, yet, we still have the Queen’s representative presiding over “her” House. Anyway, whatever the provinces decide for policy may still be vetoed by Ottawa, (the Queen/Britain) so we’re no better off even in a three-party system.

    The “right” information never gets out, because, the system doesn’t allow for that to happen. Like I said, the self-proclaimed elite already have assumed the prerogative to dictate policy, however, to prevent an all-out rebellion by the masses, they give those masses a semblance of responsibility and authority to keep them placated and ignorant of where the bear truly sits. Not exactly a new idea, you know, every self-styled republic has utilized this in their governance. However, in either system, it’s always been that small portion thereof that really determines policy. Canada, really, isn’t any different in that regard, we just seem to have a clearer conception of our serfdom, with the accompanying and proportionate cynicism we’re so famous for.

    It goes without saying that any self-proclaimed elite assume no responsibility for letting their slaves in on their policy-making. Once in awhile, they’ll throw us a bone by dropping hints about what they’re planning. That’s what this “new world order” business is all about. The elite’s survival depends on big government, i.e. centralized government and they want to throw out all the stops and build a WORLD government, which is what the UN and it’s predecessor, the League of Nations, are and were forerunners of. It’s undeniable, as many statesmen and politicians have mentioned it, especially George Bush Sr. His portfolio would make any would-be despot green with envy… but, that’s another story.

    As long as the people are willing, even demanding to be led/enslaved, this is what they’re going to have for leadership. The publick (no misspelling) are too concerned with chasing after their idea of prosperity to realize that the main and foremost hindrance to their cherished goal is their reluctance to take their own governance in hand, instead, allowing others to do it for them… which, they will do. They, after all, have the clearest conception of what it takes to get the kind of world they want and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it, unlike those they rule over.

    • Again, you’re just throwing words around without explaining them, like “elites”. Money makes you elite, and therefore your statement that the “elite’s survival depends on big government” is untrue because elites such as oil companies and even DuPont here in DE feel they’d be better off with small government which wouldn’t constantly be hassling them about safety and environmental issues. They also would prefer to pay less taxes, provide less wages and work people longer but again, that nasty big government won’t let them. So define your terms or else your statements sound cooky like Tea Party rhetoric.

  4. “So define your terms or else your statements sound cooky like Tea Party rhetoric.”

    I don’t know, I thought I had made myself quite clear… but, for the intents of this discussion, “elites” are those that control the political process directly or indirectly through wealth and influence. I realize not every wealthy person has government connections and your average lottery winner isn’t going to factor into this at all. Those that stand out along this line are the big bankers and industrialists, especially the banks, as they hold title to your country through it’s substantial debt. Where did you think that money was going? Third-world countries to help the poor? It goes to line the vaults (the gold does, anyway) of trillionaire banking families like the Rothschilds in England. They are the principle stockholders in the privately-owned US Federal Reserve, which is really only a clearing house for all of the US gold shipped eastward in exchange for inflation-prone fiat currency and securities. As Lenin once said, the primary step in communizing a country is establishing a central bank in it’s midst. In fact, most countries, today, that are deemed as friendly to and host terrorism are those that haven’t allowed a central bank to be installed in their economy. Go figure!

    Without getting into a lecture on economics and internationalism, these big companies you refer to are already paying next to no taxes. That responsibility lays with the middle class, those that Marxists swore to eliminate in their quest toward the coveted two-tier system of the have’s and have-not’s… rich vs. poor. The Bourgeoisie middle class proletariat are an obstacle and an obscenity to any aspiring feudal oligarchist. America represents one of the few countries left with such a high population of these “scum”, by the elitist definition of the group. As for “safety” and environmental issues, elitist-spawned and controlled NGO’s are only an added benefit to the aspiring new age capitalist/socialist, providing an opportunity to sell high-priced “environmentally-friendly” and subsequently inefficient products to fashion-conscious “eco-freaks” and “tree-huggers” as well as expensive re-tooling to manufacturing and industry. The opportunities for rich men to get even richer are endless in this scheme.

    Like partisan politics, any supposed rift that might exist between big money and government is akin to every disguise the Trix rabbit comes up with. The ways are many and diverse, but, it’s still the same old rabbit.

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