Another Milestone

Just wanted to mention that I’ve reached another milestone in the progress of this blog. 365 posts (this one will make 366) and over 350,000 views of the blog. Almost exactly a year ago I trotted out the L’il Inquisitors to celebrate the 250,000th view, and since no one else likes to celebrate these minor events with me, I guess I’ll have to trot them out again.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, they’ve grown quite a bit since the last photo-shoot, but with age they’ve also gotten a bit lazy, perhaps a harbinger of their up-and-coming adolescence.  They refused to get together and put on their costumes (indeed, they’ve grown out of them) so instead they took a copy of the last shoot and simply revised the numerology. It’s crude, but effective, much like the torture they’ve devised for the stray cats they occasionally bring home.