Conservative Hypocrites

The term is quickly becoming a redundancy. Like hypocritical conservatives.

OK. Let’s just call them Republicans, because that covers all bases.

Rachel Maddow nicely pointed out on her show the other night that there is a conservative cottage industry growing up around using her, and others in the so called liberal media, as fund-raising bait. Take a look.

(Hopefully, MSNBC (who I thank for access to this video) will allow the link to stay on this blog.)

It does seem hypocritical for these Tea Crackers and other conservatives who are running for office to conveniently use Rachel Maddow and her ilk as bogeymen (women?) to scare up money for their campaigns. In effect, they seem to be running against her, and not their own respective opponents. This tells me two things:

  1. That there is no substance to their political platforms. Either they are running on a platform that they stand behind, or they are running against a platform of their opponents that they feel is ill advised for their constituents, or a combination of both. But if they are running against Rachel Maddow and the liberal media, then what does that say about their political positions and ideas? For those Tea Crackers, they seem to have a hidden agenda, one they really don’t want to talk about, that has something to do with the black man in the White House. They really can’t keep pointing out that contrast without being accused of racism, so instead they simply sow fear, and hope it sticks.
  2. They do not have the courage of their convictions. If they are right and Maddow is wrong, they should have no problem going on her show and telling the world to her face exactly how wonderful they are, how enlightened are their views , and how beneficial to the country their election will be. But they don’t do that.

Instead, they try to induce fear in their future constituents, by holding Rachel Maddow out as “the enemy”, as if their election will get rid of her. And when they are called on it, they run and hide behind busy schedules, campaign offices and their handlers to avoid confronting the challenges to their campaigns, and hope that the notoriety they’ve gained to this point will help them slide into the election without having to tell anyone remotely skeptical what they believe. If they are such great candidates, what do they fear? Maddow will give them national exposure for their viewpoints.

To answer my own question, what they have to fear is that they will be exposed as the frauds that they are, political hacks without any cohesive political philosophy or platform, and without the courage to see themselves so exposed.

[UPDATE] The very next night, Maddow was able to get a Republican, Art Robinson, who is running for office in a congressional district from the State of Oregon on the show. Unfortunately, he had predetermined that she was biased and would be unfair to his campaign, so instead of answering her questions, he made a show of never shutting up, never allowing her to get a question completed, and otherwise stonewalling the interview on the assumption that if she lost all control of her own program, she couldn’t hurt him. Not that there was anything wrong with that tactic, but to this viewer, he just looked like an asshole.  So, he frustrated the possibility (or should I say in his case, the certainty) that he would look like the political hack he apparently is, but didn’t want anyone to see. Take a look:

7 thoughts on “Conservative Hypocrites

  1. But the people they send the fundraiser info to will never, ever watch MSNBC or fact check for that matter, so it makes perfect sense for them to never go on yet complain they’re not allowed on. Those people know what they want to be true and will believe anyone who tells them their crazy shit is true. Any coincidence most of these tea crackers are religious? Hmmmm…

  2. Those people know what they want to be true and will believe anyone who tells them their crazy shit is true. Any coincidence most of these tea crackers are religious?

    Same goes for their “going back to what the Founders intended” mantras. It’s like a religion of its own that requires faithfully clinging to the idea that if we run this country like the largely rural, agrarian place that it was some two centuries ago all of our problems will magically disappear.

  3. I watched that interview with Art Robinson on Thursday night. Very frustrating. Though partly in his defense, near the end it seemed like he was starting to answer one of Rachel’s questions and then she jumped in before he got into his second sentence and then he kind of lost it after that.

    Of coures, what really makes Rachel evil in Republican eyes is that she is a lesbian.

  4. Of course, what really makes Rachel evil in Republican eyes is that she is a lesbian.

    She’s intelligent, articulate and won’t be spending much of her life pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen. Even worse, she’s a woman who dares to challenge the god-breathed opinions of men. So, she’s uppity, too. In other words, she’s Satan’s spawn.

    So far, Satan’s children have turned out to be far more interesting than Gawd’s. 🙂

  5. Oh god, that Art Robinson interview… what scares me the most are the mouth-breathers commenting on YouTube about how much he stomped HER. Yeah, right, he defeated her interviewing “tactics” the same way that a five-year-old on speed would… by ignoring her, being loud, and screaming random things.

    • To anyone with a brain, yes, the man embarrassed himself. He got really smug there because he effectively shut her down, but all he did was prove that he was louder. Unfortunately, he missed an opportunity to show how smart he was, what a good candidate he was, etc. However, as Philly noted, he also is aware that people who might vote for him wouldn’t watch the show anyway, appreciate brawn over brains, and have no problem voting for ignorant louts, so he had nothing to lose acting as he did.

      Actually, in that sense, Maddow’s challenge to Republicans actually backfired. It only works when no one accepts it. As long as she can say “No one has the guts to accept my challenge” she has the high road. Jumping in the gutter with these people serves no purpose.

      Next time she’ll need some ground rules. Like “I ask a question, you answer, we don’t talk over each other”.

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