Lotsa Lists

I’m into numbers today. Numbers, as in lists.

First up, the Top Ten anti-gay, rabid homophobic men in public life who happened to be caught, hypocritically, being gay themselves. It’s a telling list when Ted Haggard doesn’t even make the top four, though I don’t think the list is weighted in any particular order. It runs the gamut from Mark Foley through Haggard to George Rekers to the notable Pastor Eddie Long (and I wonder how many permutations of his last name he has used to attract the boys?). Then, to add to your numbers fixation, there is the bonus that the top 10 actually includes 14 names! How good can it get?

Next up, the top 5 Tea Party candidates who believe that women are second class citizens, who should be forced to bear the children of rapists and those that force incest. You have to wonder how all the rage that is being ascribed to the attraction to these Tea Crackers could possibly mask the ability of, at least, women to see who they are actually voting for. Are they so angry with the black man in the White House that they are willing to give up rights to how they handle their own bodies? The sad thing is that these 5 candidates are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more where they come from, including many who are already in Congress.

Finally, in the It’s-What-I’ve-Been-Saying-All-Along Department, we have the least trustworthy politicians in America, as ranked by Americans (I would hope so!). Actually, I’m not sure of that last thing. Seems that anyone in the “Ranker community” can add to the list. Anyway, the top 10 includes Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Boehner, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, in fact most of the politicians I distrust on sight. Obama’s not there; Nancy Pelosi isn’t either, which I find heartening.

OK. Back to balancing my checkbook.

4 thoughts on “Lotsa Lists

  1. It isn’t homophobic to denounce homosexuality. I denounce it all the time and I’m not afraid of homosexuals. I, personally, know some. (And, no, I’m not sleeping with them, smart-asses!) They know where I stand on the issue and they know it isn’t personal, unlike what those of the radical left tend to believe.

    If there were less emotionalism and politics involved with this issue, there might be some progress made toward helping practicing homos kick their soul-destroying habit. If people like me that argue against sodomy are vilified as bigoted monsters, how much more so those that would turn a blind eye toward the welfare of their fellow human beings? Salvation issues aside, homosexuality is an unhealthy, filthy addiction. I know this from debating (trying to) hardcore fags on their sites where all they do is rant and bemoan their disease-filled lives, offering solace to each other when one of their number dies from some AIDS or something similar, reviewing and comparing the latest anti-rejection drugs… c’mon! What kind of ‘life’ is that?

    Stop playing politically-correct and help make a difference for these deluded souls!

  2. ^LOL

    Let us scramble the last comment a bit and see what happens:

    “It isn’t racism to denounce black skin. I denounce it all the time and I’m not afraid of black people. I, personally, know some. (And, no, I’m not shaking hands with them, smart-asses!) They know where I stand on the issue and they know it isn’t personal, unlike what those of the radical left tend to believe.”

    Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? By the way, please, I beg you to try this filthy habit you are denouncing there! I’m willing to bet you are totally getting addicted to it, because, you know, if those kids suffering bullying just can’t stop it despite the fact most never had sex or any direct contact with homosexuality whatsoever, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of junkie you are going to become! But can you do it? Can you grow some balls and kiss another dude and like it? I mean, really like it better than with a woman? I doubt you can. If you manage to, wow, that might tell you something about yourself *wink wink*. If you can’t, shame, you are a no-fun.

    That aside, what’s the problem with man kissing man, woman kissing woman, man kissing woman kissing woman and then kissing another man who is also kissing a man? So what? What is so big about it? Let us assume, for the sake of argument, it is unhealthy. Hmmm, eating red meat is unhealthy, sitting your ass all day in front of a computer writing comments on random blogs is unhealthy, getting angry all the time about silly things is unhealthy, and so on. Humans do unhealthy things, so what? If two dudes kissing is unhealthy, and granted there is ample evidence for such a thing, then what? Are you going to beg papa government to stop them? You dirty, dirty librul! Now, everyone knows there is nothing unhealthy in man kissing man or doing other things. Yes, even you do know that, although you might like to argue otherwise. Think with me. Gays are people, aren’t they? Gays can get AIDS, therefore people can get AIDS – after all, they are just engaging in a habit! But wait, does disease arises just from having men engage men in bed? What kind of magic is that? Oh wait, women also get AIDS! OMG, in Botswana 24,6% are infected with it! Wow, it seems they have a lot of fags there, half of them women… but wait, they are just addicted to having sex with the same sex, even those who don’t. Excellent that we have nowadays the germ theory and, by following some very easy procedures, we can protect ourselves from most STDs, including syphilis and gonorrhea which were quite prevalent in heterosexual, ahem, I mean non-addicted, people since forever.

    I also appreciate your brave quest of going to gay sites to engage those hardcore fags in their natural habitat of self-loathing. It is really quite fantastical that one such as yourself can give so much of your free time to such noble enterprise of tracking and engaging every single site, forum or collective assemble out there in order to collect your vast trove of knowledge about the poor, self-pitied homosexuals, ahem, I mean addicted, people. It must be really hard for you, you know… to get into those disease dens and talking to sick people, trying not to judge and help them to cure faggotry as we all know all their ills will be solved if you pluck this little inconvenient habit away. You know, their lives would be much better if people instead of just accepting them for what they are and what they want to do with their lives – like the majority of the people in the world do – would, for a change, shun and force them to leave the all that same-sex thing away. It is common knowledge that social pressure to leave absolutely natural habits such as breathing and eating and adjust themselves to the anaerobic and photosynthetic collective is a huge morale boost, plus risk-free and totally logical. Look at some successful stories in Portugal and Spain, converting those nasty and filthy Jews and Muslims into proper Catholic Christians. Leaving behind those unnatural, unhealthy and sinful religions back, those born again Christians could finally reach peace and prosperity – unlike those that were expelled to Morocco and the Ottoman Empire, mind you. Besides being occasionally harassed by the Inquisition for practicing their heathen religions in secret, the converted ones were actually pretty damn fine. It was totally worth the bloodshed. Same thing with Christians in Japan during Toyotomi Hideyoshi years, they refused to acknowledge their religion was sinful compared to Shinto and Buddhist beliefs. How dare they to be different! They needed help to the see the truth and help they had, I think you can also agree with me on that – after all, religious tolerance is totally politically correct hence wrong. You can also agree with me that everything that we are not used to is wrong, by definition.

    All in all, I think we are pretty much sailing the same boat, mate. We agree on a lot of stuff, as you can see. We totally believe people chose basic traits of their personality, like skin color, nose size and who you are attracted to and can change that anytime. People who pick to be attracted by man aren’t exactly attracted by men, they have a unknown addiction that manifest itself early in life without any contact whatsoever with its object and lasts forever in nearly all cases – that can only mean they aren’t choosing it out hard enough. We, however, do not agree that men having sex with men is no more unhealthy than men-on-women, although I’m sure we agree when women do it is just kinky and hot, probably desperate attempts to caught our attention out of all that men-on-men sex. Lastly, we agree that persecuting, killing and trying to cure people who put things we don’t like in their minds or do weird things that make us feel a little icky but otherwise are quite harmless is the right thing to do and hell, it works every time if you just do it right and with enough violence; as gayness is a thing people put in their minds, as I explained before, we are free to use all those tools to save them from themselves and live happily after in a world where things and people we don’t like don’t exist… except they do and always will.

    That’s it, Gideon my dear. Lovely conversation chap, I hope you like my fine points and friendly disagreements. Next time you enter a gay venue, gimme a wink.


    Dom Mathieu.

  3. Wonderful, Dom, and Welcome. Do come back.

    However, with Giddy-up, all you’ll get in return for your analysis is a smart ass wisecrack. And a dumb one at that. Don’t take it personally. He treats all the boys that way.

    There’s no way he wants to catch AIDS (Atheism, Infidelism, Devil-worship and Satanism.)

  4. John’s wrong, Dom, everything I’ve told you is the truth. Besides, in case you didn’t already know, John moderates my comments, (only mine) so it’s impossible for me to be a smart ass.

    Anyway, thanks for the invite, but, (and nothing personal) I’ll pass on the gay venue thingy, it’s not really my scene. In fact, the idea of doing it with a man kind of makes my supper want to come up. You’ll probably have no trouble finding someone else to probe on this blog… maybe John, himself? He’s always trying to portray himself as a stylish, up-and-coming “librul” and poster boy for tolerance and acceptance… might be a good catch, there, son! You know, you scratch his back, he scratches yours, or… whatever.

    Take care. Don’t catch any bugs!

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