My Favorite (and only) Prayer

Rudely stolen from another, now defunct, blog.

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7 thoughts on “My Favorite (and only) Prayer

  1. Ha ha ha… Stole this and posted it in my Facebook profile (with a h/t to you). Thanks for posting this. You’ve made my day.

  2. Very nice, but I’m more of a polysudser. Lagers, pilsners, ales and the occasional stout are all worthy of worship, which makes things like light beers and 40oz malts blasphemous.

  3. I’ve not gotten into beer very much, although I’ve recently discovered some ales that I like pretty well. A wine drinker’s version of this prayer would suit me very well.

  4. Our Vin
    Which art in cuvée
    Hallowed be thy corkscrew
    Thy will be decanted
    At home as in the finest of French restaurants
    Give us this day our fine bouquet
    And forgive us our sediment
    As we forgive excess sediment in others
    Lead us not to cloying aftertaste on the palate
    But deliver us from vinegar
    For thine is the delicate,
    The expressive and the full-bodied
    Forever and ever

  5. Now HERE is a religion I can subscribe to! Matter of fact, I think I’ll take a trip to the “church” this weekend. Funny thing is, praying to a bottle of beer makes a hell of a lot more sense than praying to a figment of someone’s imagination.

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