Glenn Beck Is One Perfect Asshole.

I used to have a business card that said, on one side “25% of my friends have hemorrhoids” while on the back it said “the other 75% are perfect assholes”. It was a humorous novelty card, not one I handed out to prospective clients. I was reminded of that card when I read this story. My initial inclination was to simply provide a link to the story, without comment. Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would, or should, have the same reaction. The man is a transparent, opportunistic asshole!

But this says more about a significant percentage of the population of this country, than it does about the man. Clearly, he’s willing to prostitute himself to the lowest common denominator of what passes as political intelligence in the country for a big pile of the almighty dollar. But that’s the American way. Capitalism allows, indeed encourages, just this sort of greed. There are lots of media whores out there, just rolling in the dough. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity among others. All willing to say anything, no matter how base, no matter how crude, no matter how stupid, in order to bolster ratings and their salaries. So Beck’s opportunistic bona fides are well established, and to a certain extent, understandable.

The true villains here are the people who listen to and watch his clearly declining attempts at political commentary, and continue to do so an a weekly basis, thereby justifying the ratings that keep him on the air. People should stop listening to his drivel, stop watching his show, stop buying his books, and stop attending his speaking engagements, and in short order he’ll disappear. The fact that they don’t is all you really need to know about the mentality of a great portion of this country. These are the people out voting for Tea baggers, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul and others of their ilk. Not a lot of thought goes into a political mentality like that. It’s all viscera. They get a “gut” reaction to public events, and they listen to people like Beck who validate their guts, in the process turning off their brains, and becoming, like Limbaugh fans, “dittoheads”.

And we all know where the guts terminate.

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13 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Is One Perfect Asshole.

  1. Dunno about “perfect”. Assholes have uses – varied and many uses. I cannot say the same for our Glenn. Can we then go with “a perfect half-an-asshole”? That would be more accurate.

  2. Somehow I doubt Glenn Beck will suffer any guilt when the next Timothy McVeigh acts on Fox News propaganda. Does anyone even still remember the IRS suicide pilot?

  3. Glenn Beck’s a moronic prick. Unfortunately, he appeals to right-wing reactionaries, and there are a lot of those around. Including…sigh…my mom. I could smack her!

  4. Just to bring things full circle, here’s something worth revisiting. I think this was my first ‘exposure’ to Beck. A couple of dopes talking each other up. Both amusing and frightening.

    • I wonder how many people went to see Expelled after being exhorted to do so by Beck? 1 would be too many, but fortunately the movie sunk. I think it gets used as a teaching device at Sunday schools all over the nation, now.

  5. It’s funny how often religious conservatives lambaste the likes of Michael Moore and Oliver Stone for their political propaganda disguised as documentary (a criticism I by and large agree with), then turn around and use the same techniques, and to an even more intellectually insulting degree. ‘Expelled’ is dishonest from start to finish, and reveals the yawning chasm between honest inquiry and religious apologetics. Any thinking Christian should be embarrassed. On the other hand, I’ve often tried to embarrass my mother regarding her often asinine opinions she swallows down from FOX news and other such sources, but to no avail.

    I was also watching Dennis Miller kissing up to Bill O’Reilly the other day on some YouTube video I ran across, and it dawned on me that Miller is the answer to the riddle ‘What do you get when you cross a buffoon with a thesaurus?’

    • “Thinking Christian” is an oxymoron. When in believer mode, the thinking gets turned off.

      Luckily for me, Momma Chief listens when I explain to her Fox and other nonsense. My aunt, her sister, is the one watching Fox and telling her crazy shit and who doesn’t listen to explanations.

      I think older people are more likely to be duped by Fox because they grew up trusting the news, so if it’s said on Fox, it must be true because they can’t say things that aren’t. That’s also what you’re fighting against when trying to explain the nonsense.

  6. Since genuine assholes, or rectums, cannot speak or type, I will take upon myself the articulation of what seems to me their proper response: “We vehemently resent the invidious aspersion cast upon us by any implied comparison with Glenn Beck.”

    BTW, enjoy your blog, though not big on commenting.

  7. The true villains here are the people who listen to and watch his clearly declining attempts at political commentary, and continue to do so an a weekly basis, thereby justifying the ratings that keep him on the air. (SI)

    I agree. Though he exists on a much lesser scale, this is how I feel about folks like Pat Condell.

    “Thinking Christian” is an oxymoron. (PhillyChief)

    This appears to be a non-standard definition of the word oxymoron for the purpose of making a slur on Christians. OTOH, “married bachelor” or “dark light” actually are oxymorons, for those concerned with correct use of the English language.

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