It’s About Time

There should be a penalty to anyone calling themselves a Republican, or a Tea-Bagger, under the new law. They should not enjoy the same benefits. Perhaps a non-Republican discount on premiums. Just show your  voter’s registration, and get 10% off.

Or maybe the waiting lines at the doctors will allow you to move ahead of any Republican in the waiting room.

Also, transplant lists. Democrats and Independents first.

But I guess that wouldn’t be fair. Maybe they can get free Viagra, abortions, vasectomies, condoms, AIDs testing and assisted suicide to compensate?

Especially that last one.

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12 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. QF:

    Do you have any evidence for your demographic profile of teabaggers? Many people making over $250k are Republicans, but that doesn’t mean they’re teabaggers. I think most of the people in the demographic group you cite are more likely to be neo-cons than teabaggers and religious right wackos. The photos and videos I’ve seen show teabaggers who, if they earn the kind of money you think they do, are really slumming. Also, judging from many of their signs, it’s clear that Ivy League schools don’t teach spelling anymore.

  2. SI:
    I guess I’ll have to sit next to Larry in the Old Farts section – I really don’t like this theme; it looks too Star Trekkie to me. I keep expecting James T. Kirk or Will Riker to leap out from behind one of those rock formations and zap me with a phaser. I just hope it’s set on “stun.”

    • I try to spruce things up here, put out a deodorizer, hang a few cheesy prints on the wall, open the windows, and all I get is complaints.

      Is it the background print? Should I try some other picture? Maybe a few naked beauties?

      • It’s easier to read on this background than the other one. The nearly naked babe is nice for you and the guys. You could show some consideration for the gals who hang out here and put Jamie Bamber somewhere.

  3. The teabaggers are often the ones making over $250,000 a year

    No, QF. The teabaggers are the ones who think they would be making over $250K a year if it weren’t for those darned libruls’ taxing them to death to fund social programs for the underserving poor. That was what Joe “not” the Plumber” was claiming.

    Having once been a libertarian, that is my impression of what they believe, that some nebulous “big Government” is holding them down and preventing them from becoming self-made millionaire business owners.

  4. Excellent! You’ve got a great storyline brewing on your background now.

    I do solemnly affirm that I will read posts and comments on this blog and not get too carried away indulging in fantasies of the erotic kind.

      • Ah, well, my bliss was nice while it lasted. Looking on the brighter side,

        I can see clearly now, the smut is gone,
        I can see all the text that flows ‘cross the screen;
        Gone are the nude bods that distracted me,
        I’m sure it’s best for all that some things remain unseen.

        • Actually, it’s must simpler than that. The damn theme was fucking slow, which made it cumbersome. Sometimes I have to get that out of my system and get back to nice clean pages. Like this theme.

  5. Wait! Hotties? Where? I’m gone for, like, two seconds…

    Anyway, there was a segment on Marketplace last night about health care reform and how its roots go back to Teddy Roosevelt. I was trying to find the relevant quote and a myriad of conservative blogs popped up with their panties in a wad that TR was not, repeat, NOT a Republican at the the time he advocated universal health insurance, but running as a Progressive candidate, so it doesn’t count, and anyway health care was a small plank in the general platform, and what did he really mean when he advocated for health care reform, but I digress.

    Any-hoo, TR said in 1912:

    No country can be strong if its people are sick and poor.

    Progressives didn’t give up, and in 1916 proposed mandatory sliding scale health insurance, with doctors being paid lump sums rather than fees for services (like the Mayo clinic). This reform effort was killed by big business, unions and doctors. Since we were getting ready to go to war with Germany, the first country with universal health care, the strategy was to call the reformers “Europeans.”

    I was going to get depressed about how some things never change, then I remembered: this time we won!

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