It’s Not Religious, But It’s Still Hypocrisy

I recognize Rachel Maddow’s politics, and where she’s coming from. I know her political leanings. I know what her opinion of Republicans is.  But is there really a plausible explanation for why the Republicans in Congress seem to be so unabashedly, and so unapologetically hypocritical about their politics?

Isn’t this a form of treason, albeit perfectly legal?

Lest you think this is just Rachel ranting on about her favorite subject, here are some links to articles she refers to in the video piece.

Washington Times


Think Progress

I just wish the Democrats in Congress would grow a set of balls.

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7 thoughts on “It’s Not Religious, But It’s Still Hypocrisy

  1. Maddow is one of the most effective news commentators around these days. She knows her stuff and is quick on her feet.

  2. The part she neglects to mention is the fact that republican senators and representatives are being forced to spend the stimulus money in their own states despite them voting against the bill.

    The first problem with the stimulus bill is that it is gambling away the taxpayer money on the bet that certain programs will create sufficient amounts of necessary jobs. Some of those state programs will generate jobs, but those jobs aren’t necessarily driven by supply and demand though, and as a result there will be a resulting inefficiency in the way the money is budgeted. Some of those jobs being generated will be necessary, but most of those jobs will just be worthless from an investment return perspective.

    The other problem is that employers have to pay considerably higher taxes to support the national stimulus bill, which should inevitably cause an increase in unecessary layoffs nationwide.

    • I don’t know. “Forced” seems a little strong to to describe what they are doing. No one is putting a gun to their heads telling them they have to take the money. There are plenty of Democrats in each of their states who’ll be glad to make sure it gets spent. They could easily take the high road and allow the ones who voted for it to direct where it goes, if they are so opposed to it. Or they could tell their constituents who they pose for re-election publicity shots that they don’t think the money should be spent in their district, but instead they tell them they think the stimulus money will do exactly what it’s designed to do.

      Take the private correspondence of Joe “You Lie” Wilson:

      “We know their endeavor will provide jobs and investment in one of the poorer sections of the Congressional District,”

      Sorry, that’s hypocrisy.

      I’m no expert on economics, and will concede I could be wrong right up front, but it seems to me, given the state of the economy, that the stimulus is, of course, a gamble. Any investment in an uncertain future is by definition a gamble. The stimulus is not supposed to create a whole new economy, it’s simply supposed to stimulate the one we have.

      Hopefully, even if the “shot in the arm” is temporary and superficial, it’ll keep money flowing until supply and demand reaches appropriate levels, rather than crashing down around our heads.

      • The republicans voted against gambling with taxpayer money, on the other hand they typically vote for the taxpayers gambling with their own money on entreprenuel endeavors. Aside from that, if there is money alotted to their state budgets to spend, regardless of how it got there, once it’s there they are obligated to spend it as specified in the national bill (authoritarian as it may be).

  3. The republicans voted against gambling with taxpayer money…

    Nice objectivity. As SI correctly points out, any investment is a gamble. Anyway, those clowns aren’t being forced and if they are, well they sure look happy about it in those photos with the big checks.

    Why doesn’t Obama just put forward plans for reduced gun control, banning abortion, daily prayers to Jesus, building a big fucking wall along the Mexican border and trashing health care reform so Republicans will be forced to oppose all that? That should be fun. They’ll need to hand out more big checks in order to get re-elected by those “real Americans” if they oppose that stuff.

  4. “I just wish the Democrats in Congress would grow a set of balls.”

    Or, you know, a pair of ovaries.

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