A Little Humor. Just A Little…

There’s always someone…

And you thought it was all about religion.

There’s always 2012.

Ummm… Maybe you ought to just call.

Mike, you might want to just use your first initial. Or your middle name. Or both.

I’m thinking George doesn’t want no stinkin’ apology. His reputation is sealed.

Yep. That ought to reassure her.

Last but not least, some REAL reassurance!

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9 thoughts on “A Little Humor. Just A Little…

  1. I’m partial to the George Brownridge thank-you. Perhaps that’s because I’ve worked with dimwit editors for a looooooong time.

    The Yahoo question would be funny if it were real. As a hoax, it’s kinda dumb.

    For having to put up with his own name, Mike Litoris should be given vas deferens.

  2. At Ft. Rucker during the “energy crisis” of the mid 70’s we were encouraged to think up ways to conserve and submit them.

    A person I (shamefacedly admit) that I knew had a novel idea that he submitted.

    All offices and buildings had electric clocks that plugged into wall sockets.

    These clocks ran all the time and consumed energy whether anyone looked at them or not, wasting energy.

    So, unplug them all, and only plug them in if you need to know what time it is.

    Problem was, he was serious…and an air traffic controller.

    That is right up there with the “illiterate” one which as a dyslexic I find to be a real hoot.

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