I Just Liked This Graphic

It’s from here. Create your own caption. 8)

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17 thoughts on “I Just Liked This Graphic

  1. I worked for a year or so making tombstones. That sacred heart thing was referred to as either the flaming heart or the heartburn special.

    Great idea for an animation, but I don’t know why he has to keep lighting the damn thing. What, does his dad keep putting it out?

  2. “… but I don’t know why he has to keep lighting the damn thing.”

    Hmmm… do you think it might be due to your panting and wheezing, Fat Body? You need to keep your distance from others, you know, being the rotund pseudo-Indian you are!

    Nice post, there, SI. Reflects your I.Q. perfectly. You should do one of Dick Dawkins knob-gobbling Darwin, that would be even funnier!

    Thanks for the description of your physical properties, there, Cephus. I’ll be able to find you real quick at the freak-show next time it’s in town.

    Lifeguard… no, that’s not how it goes. It goes like: “And, the Lord said; ‘Lifeguard is a pusscake.”


  3. I’m sure your average Christian might consider the question heretical, but I often wonder if Jesus would light up a cigarette and talk to people if alive today. He had no problem sharing a drink with tax collectors and sinners, is it really that much of a stretch?

  4. If memory serves, my tobacco cigs stayed lit (back in high school I smoked a pack a day (’til I switched to pipe/cigar at age 17)), but I seem to remember that others (not me) had to keep lighting up the barnyard weed. Not implying anything, just saying.

    Caption: “And they won’t invent potato chips for another 1900 years!”

  5. John-O:

    Don’t worry, sweetie, you’re still my favorite!


    cl… I think Jesus is less of a prude than many of His professed followers might think, but, when infidel ass needs kicking, I don’t need much of an excuse!

    Ildi… all my issues dried up a long time ago. I recommend Potassium Permanganate… it does wonders!

    Burns a little, though…

  6. Yo, Sweet Titties;

    Yeah, nice to see Pat’s fan club in action. You should do some videos, too, SI. Only, do an action flick. You might include Jimbo, Ildi, and the Chief. You could call it: “Goldilicks & The Three Faggots.”

    Or, do a biographical skit on aging street whores & their clients… same cast.

    Or, maybe just Jimbo boinking an iguana in the Galapagos… then committing suicide!


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