Wired magazine says you shouldn’t say “BRB” (meaning “Be Right Back”) when you’re online. It’s not proper netiquette, apparently. You’re supposed to just go, and come back, and not announce yourself. But what do I know? If you listen to cl, not much.

But, I’m going to take a short but well needed vacation to the Poconos for some R&R, so I will not be blogging or replying or fixing comments or any of the fun stuff I do here. While I’m gone, think about this: The Pope will be recording a CD of himself singing and chanting to a woman that probably  never existed.

The album is being produced at London’s famous Abbey Road studios, where the Beatles recorded some of their most popular material.

Talk about sacrilege!

If you can’t get any mileage out of that while I’m away, you’re losing your touch.


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10 thoughts on “BRB

  1. Enjoy your R&R. I had no idea Pope Benny could sing. Well, I’m taking it on faith that he can, since he’s involved in a musical recording. This info is interesting:

    If it does make it to the airwaves, the proceeds from Pope Benedict’s album will fund music education for underprivileged children around the world.


    It’s a great cause, but it seems to me that, even if the recording doesn’t come off, Pope Benny has enough cash stashed away that he could donate to a worthy cause like that anyway.

  2. Anyone here watch HBO’s Big Love? The Pope has become the Prophet, sans wives.

    Well, if you’re going to flutter around in those outfits and be totally full of yourself, why not cut an album?

  3. Personally, I think Wired is completely off-base, especially if you’re engaged in a conversation online. Just vanishing without a word and leaving everyone to wonder if you’ve suffered a fatal embolism on the other side of the screen strikes me as incredibly rude. Perhaps if you’re just sitting and watching and not participating significantly, a BRB might be unnecessary at best and even disruptive at worst, but rude? Not a chance.

    Anyone think the Pope’s album might become the next big thing in Germany, kind of like David Hasselhoff? We can have the Pope going on tour, maybe he can get the Rolling Stones to open for him?

  4. The Pope with the Rolling Stones as an opening act – LOL! They could rename themselves Geriatrics on Tour.

  5. Singing and chanting. Isn’t that called rap? Sorry. Crap?

    Have fun in the Poconos.

    Now my question is, why do people vacation in the area I’m trying to get out of? (Chappie was up here, too)

  6. ..what do I know? If you listen to cl, not much..

    Come on SI, don’t take things so personally. That I claim certain arguments of yours lack cogency does not entail that I’ve claimed you “don’t know much,” and the fact that your knowledge has helped me understand a position – for example here – further contradicts your claim. Your quite intelligent SI, but no amount of intelligence can possibly preclude obstinence.

  7. seem to have missed the attempt at self-deprecating humor.

    No, I got it, I just prefer accuracy over humor. Other people might miss the attempt, and I don’t want them to think what you said is true.

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