Biblical Marriage

I’m not exactly sure who Betty Bowers is, but she does seem to have  marriage, according to the Bible, down pat.

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15 thoughts on “Biblical Marriage

  1. But, bu-, b- Gawd’s plan for marriage has always been “one man, one woman.” Remember, it was “Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.” Damn that pesky, inerrant, infallible revelation for revealing all of these alternatives.

  2. Barry

    I didn’t know that it is OK to have some of those types of wives.

    That’s why you have to read your Bible a little more closely. It’s also OK to have the one you got now stoned to death, depending on what she does or doesn’t do.


    Remember, it was “Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.

    Actually, that was a mistake in the translation from Hebrew to Greek. It actually does say “Steve”.

    That’s one of the reasons why they named Project Steve Project Steve.

  3. My gay cousin and his partner gave me their solemn word that it is quite correct that it is NOT ‘Adam and Steve’. NEVER ‘Adam and Steve’. It would ve ‘Adam and Stee-VEN’… or Oliver…or Peter…

    They say it drives church-folk ape shit when they come up with that one.

  4. I keep telling (((Wife))) this, that I should have, nay, I deserve, to have 700 wives and 300 concubines. And I’ve even shown her the Bible verses to support me (and, from reading Christian apologetics, I was under the impression that once you said, “It is in the Bible,” that there would be no more argument (wow, was I wrong)). Then she reminded me that we are atheists, and that the bronze-age myths are almost useless (the one way that they are not useless is, apparently, getting me in trouble). I also, last time (((Girl))) forgot to bring the vacuum cleaner down, threatened to sell her into slavery. Even have a potential buyer (the Peeved Pussy, himself). Then, of course, she reminded me that a) we are atheists and b) the Bible is bullshit.

    I’ll show her this video and maybe whe will see the light.

  5. How about 10 gold pieces, a sword of defense (-3 armour class) and a hammer of confusion?

    Oxen are far more useful. And when they stop being useful, you can eat them.

  6. But just think how useful the hammer of confusion could be? You hit your debator on the head with it, and he turns into a blithering idiot. It woiuld bae greisat; agjfa gahabeat!akla g;dkjag; augJDgk b lkgdj

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