(A)religious Humor

Just a few things I found on the web that struck my funny bone:

A little fishing humor:

A little shopping humor:

I love these motivational posters:

This one’s better:

If you can’t read this, click on it.

It’s not funny until the church puts it on a marquee.

Of course, no attempt at levity would be complete without some bathroom humor.

I want to thank all the named and unnamed creators of this humor, and beg their forgiveness for my theft.

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10 thoughts on “(A)religious Humor

  1. I’m partial to the baby hamburger one. Finally, somebody has the guts to show how we atheists really regard children! 🙂

  2. Thank you. I had missed the Pearls Before Swine. Excellent. I needed these. And the baby? Everyone knows that Swiss Cheese goes with babies, not American.

  3. (((Billy))) it really depends. Fetus is exceptional with American. But you are talking about the pictured infant, in which case, yes, Swiss is the correct accompaniment.

  4. The Pearls before Swine cartoon is so very funny and so very true.

    Good little collection, nice bit of light hearted humour for the day, Ta.

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