Two Years And Counting…

I just realized that an anniversary passed me by without notice. My first post on this blog was back in April of 2007, so I’ve been doing this now for over two years. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my personal life, somewhat irrelevant to this blog, that must have distracted me from observing the anniversary. I know I was quite cognizant of my first year anniversary, so I have to assume that distraction is what caused me to miss this one. But…better late than never.

I have a different attitude towards this blog, too. In the beginning it was an outlet for my curiosity and anger. I was a little more pissed off about religion two years ago, than I am today. I used the blog as a means to test my thinking. There’s something about the process of taking some thought from my brain, where it might normally bounce around with billions of other thoughts and impulses, and force it out into print in an attempt to isolate it and make it cohesive, and capable of scrutiny by others. I’ve found that much of my thinking has been affected both by the process of forcing me to write it down, and by the comments and criticism I’ve received from others.

When I started, I was blogging far more regularly than I am today, which I take as a sign that I’ve gotten a lot of that out of my system. There were times when I found myself getting tired, and felt tht maybe it was time to stop. But then, after a few weeks of inactivity, I’d find myself pissed off about something else, and I’d be writing another post. So I’m going to keep going, keep the blog as an outlet, and keep writing.

So anyone that keeps checking back here for something, finding nothing, don’t get discouraged. Keep coming back. Life is starting to settle back to normal, and I’ll keep writing. And for those of you that think this is just another exercise in self-gratification, tell me. I don’t mind. I might not write as often as I had in the past, but I will write. I’m also thinking of possibly getting into other topics, maybe peripherally, maybe directly.

We’ll see.

But thanks to all of you, friends, critics and trolls alike.

8 thoughts on “Two Years And Counting…

  1. I encountered your blog fairly early in my de-conversion process. A lot of what you wrote helped me sort out my own shifting ideas. Keep writing for yourself and for the rest of us.

  2. Going through almost the exact same phase myself.
    Blogs are intermittent, reading other blogs is intermittent, rest assured I have you in my feed reader so will catch any new post. Like you if something piques my interest I’ll blog.

  3. Congratulations. Even intermittent streams will erode the bedrock. And the occasional gully-washer can change the whole landscape. Constant or intermittent, you are having an effect. Keep up the good work, old man.

  4. SI – occasionally you bore me to tears (don’t fret, everything and everyone does), more often you interest me and, occasionally you give me some joy or even inspire me. If that’s somewhat representative of the thousands of visits here, then it’s been well worth it. And that doesn’t even factor in whatever pleasure and enlightenment you may have received. Sure it’s an exercise in self-gratification… that’s what we godless heathens do, right? I don’t know what the excuse is for the theists though… Anyway, you don’t have to feel any pressure to post. Just do it when it feels right. Carry on, little bro.

  5. Congrats on your two years, I’m still a couple of months out on hitting mine, but I’ll get there. Keep up the good work, let’s see you hit three.

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