The Definition of Irony

Or at least, if not a definition, it’s a very good, almost illustrative example of irony in action.

First, there’s this:

A Christian fundamentalist group is praying for a deluge to drown out Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in two weeks’ time.

Focus on the Family is asking for “abundant, torrential” downpours to flood Denver and silence Senator Obama when he accepts the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination on August 28.

Then there’s this:

The US Republican party’s convention has been scaled back as nearly 2m people flee Hurricane Gustav, which is now nearing New Orleans.

It’s not necessary to specifically point out the irony here, is it?

I will say this, though. If there is a god, either all those prayers from his faithful somehow got delayed or garbled in transmission, or god is a Democrat. One with a wicked sense of humor. I watched the Democratic convention, and all the speeches and entertainment through the last day, culminating in Obama’s speech, and it didn’t look like there was a cloud in the sky. The only water from above that remotely threatened the convention was when the Fox News sky box was flooded by a faulty sprinkler system, and again, irony seems to have prevailed. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving news organization.

Sometimes irony can be so delicious.

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16 thoughts on “The Definition of Irony

  1. And there’s the greater irony, of course, that the Dobsonian fury of Gustavv fell on the city that revealed the depth of Republican sleaze, incompetence, greed, and stupidity three years ago. Well, almost on the city. A little west of there actually. God may need glasses or maybe a better GPS device.

  2. Oh, crap, you sort of pointed that out, didn’t you? Or did you? I have problems with double negatives too. Irony and double negatives have been the bane of my life. Along with critical failures of concentration and attention… what was I talking about…?

  3. @ Ex

    Did you know that President Bush pronounces “irony” with the accent on the second syllable, so that it rhymes with “baloney.”

    Why does this remind me of the old “Brazillion” joke?

    @ Humanistdad

    Religious nutjobs praying for lots of rain at the DNC get a hurricane at the RNC…

    Next they’re going to start praying for rain at the World Series. Good thing the Super Bowl is usually played in a dome.

    @ Sarge

    Most of the people on my block think “irony” is sort of like: tinny, bronzy, coppery…

    Don’t forget NickleAndDimey

    @ Philly

    So then there is a god?

    Has to be. No other explanation. It can’t be a coincidence, it must have happened by design.

    @ Ric

    what was I talking about…?

    You weren’t talking. You were snarling, and an intimidating snarl it was.

  4. Almost as ironic as anti premarital sex, anti-choice, anti-sex education, anti free condoms Sarah Palin having a 17 year old, unwed, pregnant daughter – and being hailed as a saint by the religious right.

  5. Even though the irony of Palin’s family situation is rich, and the temptation to snicker about it is almost irresistible, I can’t help thinking that Bristol Palin is a 17-year-old girl facing an adult situation that she’s probably not at all well-prepared to handle. I suspect that Sarah Palin, with her strong anti-sex education stance, carries a significant share of the responsibility for that situation. Sadly, I don’t think Sarah will learn the lessons that I (and probably most other commenters here) believe she needs to learn from this situation.

    As for the religious right’s embracing of Palin, they have no choice. They can’t admit that either McCain fucked up his first major executive decision, or the Republicans did sloppy homework. Nevertheless, I’m disgusted by their attempts to score “pro-life” points at Bristol Palin’s expense.

  6. Some diligent reporter needs to interview Bristol’s friends and acquaintances. Can you imagine if she had wanted an abortion and her mother prohibited it? Or if she wanted birth control but didn’t know how to get it or was shamed into not doing so?

    Now, I’m just fantasizing, but stories will be coming out of Alaska. Stories that a competent vetting team would have caught a sniff of.

  7. I’d rather hear a reporter from Maxim or Playboy uncover from her beau how freaky-deaky a fuck she was. Now THAT would make for some fine headlines. Or perhaps some really mindless shit like:
    “Well she’d be on top because we thought you couldn’t get pregnant that way, you know, with gravity and all”
    “We did it in the shower so she wouldn’t get pregnant, because, like, the water and all, you know, is running down and washes it out, right? That was our mistake the last ti- uh, forget that part, dude.”

    Yup, let’s hear how that abstinence only education worked

  8. Spanqi –

    Snarling? Moi?

    Evo, Ex, Chappie –

    Did anyone mention the irony of Mama Palin saying of Bristol Plain, “We’re so glad she chose to have the baby,” while Mama’s pushing for an absolute ban on abortion which would leave no choices for women? Wait, is that irony or is that hypocrisy?

  9. Ric – I think a blogger I read regularly recently pointed out that quirky ironic/hypocritical position. He’s a pretty grumpy guy, but insightful, intelligent and articulate. Maybe you know him.

  10. One of the things that disgusts me about right wing commentators is that absolute b.s. they are shovelling the try and mask Palin’s lack of experience. My favorite is that Alaska is near Russia, and as governor of Alaska, that somehow gives Sarah Palin a unique insight on American-Russian relations. Then there’s the “she has executive experience” because she was the mayor of a small town. It’s funny when you see them all spouting the same talking points.

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