George Carlin

While I was busy celebrating up to my eyeballs, a wonderful, iconic comedian died this past week. I spent many mirth-filled hours listening to him on vinyl, not to mention watching him on Johnny Carson and HBO. This was a man who did not have to contrive his humor – he found it easily enough in life.

In belated Memorium, I offer you two of my favorite pieces, apropos to a blog such as this.

On Religion

On the Ten Commandments

Finally, I’ll leave you with a recent interview with the man.

R.I.P, George. Requiescat In Pace

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4 thoughts on “George Carlin

  1. Most stand-up comedians are lightweight and touchy feely. Probably that is why Jerry Seinfeld made a hell of a lot more money by not trading on sensitivities no matter how outrageous he perceived them. With George Carlin you felt that comedy and the stage was secondary to message. His humour there covered barely concealed fury. Anger at the crass stupidity of people and at how so many conducted their lives. Those pauses after a comment to make sure the full message got through. He almost demanded a response from his audience.
    The world can ill-afford to lose it`s satirical comedians. The ratio of the George Carlins to the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons and their ilk is far too low.

    It is said that Jewish survivors of Auschwitz and other death camps recognised that humour in the face of their captors was their only weapon. It was far too late to gamble on the efficacy of prayer to a god who to all intents and purposes had abandoned them.

    Instead they laughed at their pathetic captors as they anticipated their own deaths.

    Perhaps while making us laugh George Carlin was himself laughing at us (there is certainly enough material) or at least, more subtly, encouraging us to laugh at ourselves in the short lives at our disposal.

  2. After watching that first clip, I feel I may well convert to George’s new faith of solarPescism – it makes so much sense…

    The man was a legend – he will be much missed.

  3. I was at a Pearl Jam concert the other night. Eddie (the lead singer) is a big fan of George Carlin and offered up a George Carlin quote to the entire Madison Square Garden crowd. It went something like “We need to keep the church and the state apart since they do such a good job of screwing up everything on their own.”

  4. I saw his final HBO special again last night and he left us with some great words. In his last special he was just as mocking toward organized religion, but then he came down a little bit and said that he didn’t want to shit on anyone’s beliefs but that we had to think it through logically, especially the part about “God Given Rights” and his belief that we do not have rights, we have privileges. As far as “God Bless America”…he left us with an important message even if he didn’t believe in it…God Bless America? No, how about God Bless Everyone? People are obsessed with the idea that God favors their nation. It’s BS and it’s bad for you. I also loved the part about religions and hats.

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