Another Wacky School Board

Remember Dover? Now think School Administrative District 59. The name doesn’t roll off the tongue like Dover does, but the acronym isn’t so bad. SAD 59. This story makes me sad.

The Director of this particular School District in Maine thinks that evolution should be deleted from the biology curriculum, because it hasn’t been proven.

Director Matthew Linkletter argues that evolution is an unprovable theory and shouldn’t be taught as fact. He’s urged the SAD 59 Board of Directors to consider his view during its May 19 meeting in Madison, with a goal of removing evolution from science classrooms.

Let me guess. He gets his reading material for his continuing education requirements from the Discovery Institute.

Creationists have not been able to convince school boards to add Intelligent Design to the science programs, not since the Dover decision came down, so the next best thing is to try to have evolution removed from the classroom, because “it’s just a theory”. Clearly, they are moving backwards in their arguments, because that one has been used before, but has been pretty much discredited by scientists who tell us that a scientific theory is not just a hunch or a guess, but a thoroughly researched and supported explanation of all of the known facts in a particular area of study, one that best explains the natural phenomena being studied.

One fact that contradicts the theory destroys the theory, yet in over 150 years of research in various scientific disciplines, including biology, genetics, paleontology, geology, anthropology, zoology, chemistry and others, not a single shred of evidence has been found that refutes evolution. Yet to these blunderbusses with a clear religious agenda, it not only has not been proven, its “unprovable”.

The fight to teach our children real science continues unabated in the subcultural battlefield the religious wackos have chosen. And the people who ultimately make the decisions, the voters, seem to be leaning in the wrong direction.

“You can’t show, observe or prove (evolution),” [Linkletter] said.

To which a parent responded:

“I think that’s a very valid point, to tell you the truth, because evolution is only a theory, not a hard fact,” said Nancy Martin, an educational technician at Athens Elementary School.

Martin, who has a son at the high school, said she believes in creationism, as outlined in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. SAD 59 should pull evolution from the science curriculum unless creationism is afforded equal footing, she said.

We need to be doing something else to get the point across to the public that they are damaging this country when they buy into this simplistic, irrational, yet apparently appealing way of thinking.

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12 thoughts on “Another Wacky School Board

  1. Ignorant fucks. It’s amazing how some slack-jawed yokel (albeit a northern one this time) can think their own ignorance is a concrete argument against one of the most well supported scientific theories around. It’s astounding. I wish the hypocrites would go the full hog and just remove any trace of science from their lives. Then they could go and live in mud hovels, die of pestilence and leave the rest of us alone. One can dream anyway.

  2. The stupidest thing about the claim that evolution can’t be observed, tested, or proven and is “just a theory” is that all these characteristics actually DO apply to creationism! “The Bible says so” can’t even be called a theory in the vernacular sense of the word. Suggest to a fundamentalist that anything in the Bible is a “theory” and they’ll insist that it’s COMPLETELY TRUE AND COMPLETELY
    INFALLIBLE BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO. Of course, if something is “infallible” it obviously can’t be proven or tested.

    Those who use the pseudonym of “intelligent design” by claiming that the designer is not necessarily a god are pushing it even further. Their “theory” is: “Somewhere, sometime, somehow, someone or something created everything, but we don’t know who or what it was.” You can’t test or prove something when you don’t even know what the hell it is.

    I think we should all go to these wacko school board meetings and use the creationists’ own arguments against them by insisting that creationism is just an unprovable theory. Wouldn’t that be GREAT?

  3. If people had a better understanding of what constitutes science– the philosophy of science and why it works as opposed to knowing chemistry or physics– I think they might be more outraged and disturbed at how religious groups with an axe to grind are trying to get evolution removed from science classes.

  4. **sigh**

    Sometimes it seems like Scopes was only yesterday. 😦

    You’ve got to admit, however grudgingly, that the creationists don’t give up easily. Either this thing will end up in court, and the cretins will lose again (at taxpayer expense, of course), or the students of SAD 59 are going to be woefully unprepared for higher education. Some people, or perhaps I should say some sorts of people never learn.

  5. I think there needs to be a Scientific Rapid Response team to battle shit like this the way the FFRF challenges church/state separation or the ACLU challenges civil rights violations. I picture a bunch of lab coat superheroes appearing explaining the scientific use of the word “theory” and how creationism isn’t a scientific theory, distinguishing between the fact of evolution and the theories as to its process, and of course pointing out how if creationism can be allowed, then you have to allow theories from Aboriginal myths to FSM “theories”.

  6. Philly wrote:
    I picture a bunch of lab coat superheroes appearing explaining the scientific use of the word “theory” and how creationism isn’t a scientific theory, distinguishing between the fact of evolution and the theories as to its process, and of course pointing out how if creationism can be allowed, then you have to allow theories from Aboriginal myths to FSM “theories”.

    You ever notice how scientists are usually the BAD GUYS in cartoons. The world’s always going to be destroyed by some “Evil Scientists”– amoral geeks… nerds who’ve lost their moral compasses. I agree with Philly that we need some cool, scientist superheros.

  7. Every time I hear a school board wasting time and funds discussing evolution, I think to myself “Wow, what a great place that must be to live. Obviously, they don’t have any high school dropouts to worry about, everyone is scoring 1400+ on the SAT’s, all graduating seniors have early acceptance to prestigious universities, teachers are being paid a healthy salary and receiving raises every year, the schools are over funded, computers in every classroom, and they must get new textbooks every year. Plus, their math and science scores must be on par with Japanese children. Yes, how nice it must be to have a school district with no problems, where you have the time and money to debate scientific theories you don’t agree with. Because surely, they wouldn’t be ignoring real problems to focus on personal agendas, would they?”

  8. Science has never proven anything – ANYTHING! – to anyone. Evolution is nonsense. You want proof that I created the universe and everything?

    There. I just posted a comment on your pitiful blog.

  9. Of course it isn’t proven … why, I can’t even prove I exist.
    If creationists could just understand that this is not about proof at all, nor about truth or belief, but about a scientific approach. A scientific theory is good if it explains the world better than other theories do. Creationism doesn’t explain anything. But that they cannot admit because they’re afraid of discourse.

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