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So far this meme has been flogged by a few fellow bloggers, The Exterminator, (((Billy))), Ordinary Girl , Ridger (I think she started it), PhillyChief, and probably a few others I haven’t seen. Philly’s selections were somewhat arcane, at least to this old fogie. His taste in music and mine don’t seem to overlap. I’m not complaining (unless I happen to be riding in his car for a long trip).

In any event, I thought I’d see if I could stump the panel of experts (so to speak) and put up the first few vocalizations or lines from 25 of the songs on my iPod, set to shuffle. I didn’t strictly pick the first 25, because many of the songs have the title in the first line, but definitely 25 out of the first 45.

So, fuck the meme, Name That Tune!

  1. I used to drink a lot in those days you see
  2. In the timbers of Fennario
  3. I don’t care if Monday’s blue The Cure- Friday I’m in Love –Tommykey
  4. Walkin’ down new streets, music is loud They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More – Jimmy Buffett – Lifeguard
  5. Well me and my uncle went riding down
  6. No I’m never gonna do it
  7. Baby, baby, I’ve been so sad since you’ve been gone. The Stones – Starfucker – Ordinary Girl
  8. It’s no secret, I don’t care.
  9. Is it too much to ask
  10. Could not get to sleep
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you say (this one’s for Ex) Revolution – The Beatles – Evo
  12. There’s a problem, feathers iron Fall On Me – R.E.M. – Lifeguard
  13. Well the first days are the hardest days Uncle John’s Band – Grateful Dead – Lifeguard
  14. You can walk on the water
  15. I’m going to rent myself a house
  16. Girl of a thousand faces
  17. I’m wearin’ fur pyjamas
  18. I can’t believe the news today Sunday, Bloody Sunday – U2 – Tommykey
  19. Rita was 16 years Love at the Five and DIme – Nanci Griffith – Ordinary Girl
  20. Don’t have to humble yourself to me
  21. We got the afternoon
  22. When I get off of this mountain Cripple Creek – The Band – Lifeguard
  23. All the snow has turned to water Souvenirs – John Prine w/ Steve Goodman – Lifeguard
  24. We were drinking like the Irish
  25. Got no time for the corner boys

Looking back at them, they seem very easy. Actually, one of them has the title in the line.

This should be a cinch.

For people my age.

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25 thoughts on “Name That Tune

  1. No clue to any of these. I’m sure Dylan must be lurking in there somewhere, though.

    The second song must be folk-y, because there’s an old folk tune called “Fennario” that was sung by Joan Baez and others (Judy Collins?). I think your pal Bob Dylan recorded it, or something like it, under the name of “Pretty Peggy-O.” Anyway, I’m pretty sure the line isn’t from that song, but it must make reference somehow.

  2. Actually, there’s not a single Dylan in the batch.

    But you have a good sense on #2. I’ll give you a hint. The band (there’s one hint) that wrote and performed that song also performed Pretty-Peggy-O, and had roots that went back to the old folk years. They were also big fans of Dylan, often covering his songs in concert.

  3. The only band I can think of that fills that bill — and, admittedly, I’m not too well-versed in Dylan-iana, since I can’t stand him — is the Byrds.

  4. First, I think you’re going to be surprised when I make my music reveal.
    Second, um, we’re either not going to listen to music or we’re taking separate cars. 😉

  5. I’m late to the party, but I’ll give it a try.

    #5 Starfucker – Rolling Stones
    #19 Love at the Five and Dime – Nanci Griffith

    and that’s all that seems familiar to me.

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