Another Goddamned Blogger Interview

I try not to blow my own horn, but since I wear only one of a few of the hats at my other blog, Another Goddamned Podcast, I don’t feel too self-conscious about pointing out that we recently interviewed the wonderful and well spoken Chaplain, keeper of The Apostate’s Chapel, on our most recent podcast. She waxed eloquent (while we stumbled along in our usual plodding fashion) as we poked and probed her concerning her recent deconversion, and the subsequent consequences that ultimately led to her creating her blog.

If you’re used to reading all the news that’s fit to print in the atheosphere, you may find that sitting back and listening to the interview is somewhat refreshing. Go ahead. Save your eyes. Give it a try. And if you feel motivated to post a comment or ask a follow-up question, or even one we didn’t ask, that would be a bonus.

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